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Readers will enjoy the fascinating images in Eugenic Design, which include oddities such as the "Criterion" toilet designed to enforce the hygienically correct posture during evacuation ("the sloped seat angled backward, achieving the natural position every time," in a chapter that links concern for biological efficiency with streamlining (141).
As noted above, the streamlining process has been ongoing, with enough complexity and obscurity to confuse--and perhaps tire--all but the largest businesses and firms that regularly attend meetings and participate in conference calls and the like.
Its streamlining techniques are being incorporated in all areas of the company, including the administrative and sales departments.
The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) follows this theme by streamlining and consolidating several employment and training programs into a unified statewide workforce investment system.
On behalf of Tax Executives Institute, I am pleased to submit the following comments to the Internal Revenue Service's Corporate Return Streamlining and Electronic Filing Workgroup.
Streamlining with legal breaststroke start: Use three kicks to one pull and breathe (25-50 yards), two-hand touch and legal turns.
The articles in this issue of American Rehabilitation present an overview of how several state VR agencies have implemented the streamlining initiative.
Streamlining is a fundamental part of every stroke, every workout, and every race:
Streamlining is but one response of private and public sector organizations to what has been called the challenge of the three C's: customers, competition, and change (Hammer & Champy, 1993).
By streamlining and automating its core business processes, Mohawk Valley expects to enhance its operational capabilities and increase efficiency.
This article describes how the state agencies in Vermont and New Hampshire embraced the concept of streamlining to revitalize their organization and reposition their resources for improved services.
As both Esker and CGTS are located in Madison, Wisconsin, the partnership will strengthen Esker's presence in the local business community as a leader in automating and streamlining business processes.
As a result of this meeting many of the state agencies have implemented streamlining initiatives.
marcus evans is pleased to be presenting Operational Support Systems for IP Networks and Services -- Streamlining the OSS/BSS for Optimal Service Development over IP Infrastructures; February 8 & 9, 2006 -- Miami, FL.
Streamlined workflow through enhanced action set capabilities - Action sets allow users to execute powerful business scenarios, such as streamlining underwriting and loan delivery processes.
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