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a streamlined train

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Due to reduced seating from increased legroom, Streamliner recommends booking as far in advance as possible.
The record-breaking Triumph Streamliners included: Devil's Arrow, Texas Cee-gar, Dudek Streamliner and Gyronaut X1, the former achieving a top speed of 245.667 mph (395.28 km/h).
The practice week, which ended with the 274.2mph run in early August, demonstrated "that both the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner and rider Guy Martin are ready for the task ahead".
Broadcast automation software developer VDS announced on Sunday Streamliner, a new system for controlling streaming media in sync with linear broadcasts.
In late 1935, for example, Sir Ralph Wedgwood, the LNER's chief general manager, used the full glare of publicity at the launch of the first streamliner, the London-Newcastle Silver Jubilee, to emphasise 'that the high level of speed would not be attained at the cost of safety and that passengers would take no greater risk in travelling ...
On 4 July 1954, the Silver Arrows returned for the first time when Juan Manuel Fangio drove his W196 streamliner to victory in the French Grand Prix at Reims which he won ahead of his team mate Karl Kling.
Though there remain few Jews in the world of car racing, Rosenbaum has made a name for himself with his black streamliner, the Infidel (complete with Israeli and American flag decals) and a successful car-parts company.
Your background suggests that you are a streamliner, someone who gets the waste out.
The silver Streamliner carriages from the 1950s are iconic America.
The Speed Scotland team hoped the Streamliner Flower of Scotland car, which is powered by methanol, would break the existing land speed record in the less than 1000cc category of 313mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah this week.
The only solution of its kind based on Microsoft technology, the intelligent Capital asset maintenance Streamliner (CAMS) brings together scheduling, the resources needed, tracking and reporting.
So do other Westerners who still can glimpse a band of pronghorn in full flight, stretching out single file with smooth flowing strides, like a streamliner gliding along the boundless skyline.
On June 2, July 7, August 4 and September 29 visitors to the Hobo Railroad in Lincoln will see the progress being made in the restoration of the 1935 streamliner and learn about the historic train's past and the plans for its future.
And they must work for a company called Acabion, who have produced the GTBO, an indecently quick hybrid motorbike streamliner.
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