streamer fly

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an artificial fly that has wings extending back beyond the crook of the fishhook

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Most nights, my money is on the streamer fly, but if you want to entertain a few friends on a moonlight cruise, get a bucket of shrimp before the bait shop closes and keep those babies on a battery-powered aerator to keep them frisky.
2--Color) An Owens brown trout is fooled on a streamer fly.
We used a fast-sinking flyline and a streamer fly to take kingfish, grouper and other species out on the reef.
Tie on a streamer fly similar in size and color to the lure you hooked up with.
Best bet is a glass minnow imitation; a shiny jighead with no dressing or a Doc's Goofy Jig, worked very fast, will do the job, as will a small chrome spoon or a glass minnow streamer fly.