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a channel occupied (or formerly occupied) by a stream


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These sources include agricultural runoff, unpermitted urban runoff, abandoned mine drainage, failing onsite disposal systems, and pollution caused by changes to natural stream channels. Congress enacted Section 319 of the Clean Water Act in 1987, establishing a national program to control nonpoint sources of water pollution.
The reclaimed stream channel is now stable from erosion and features abundant grass cover; aquatic life has also been restored, including fish and macro invertebrates.
This work included wide-scale dredging and widening of the stream channel.
These approaches include stream channel geometry and roughness characteristics after dam construction.
Stream and stream channel research will accelerate in importance in the next several years.
"It includes stream channel stabilization and desirable course adjustment; removal of silt layer among many sections of the stream channel and corresponding exposure of the former streambed; pond water levels maintaining depth and duration corresponding to rainfall and dry periods; and pond inlet and outlet elevations functioning as planned.
A once straight stream channel will have a sharp jog right along the fault and indicate that prior offset.
The reshaping of eroding banks and narrowing of the stream channel effectively increases downstream water velocity, which previously had flushed stream sedimentation in a matter of days.
The stream channel is 21m wide at the top, and the terracing at the one metre mark has created an informal stream-side walkway for those that like to be close to the water".
Today, over 1,500 linear feet of stream channel and its floodplain has been reconstructed, a 36-foot span bridge has been installed, two fish ladders have been removed, and over two acres of estuary have been re-established to the benefit of Pacific Northwest salmon and resident Puget Sound species.
The stream channel is the focal point for characterizing the hydrology of a watershed.
Staff members at BLM's Fairbanks District Office said they are impressed with the way Olmstead replicates the original stream channel, matching existing grade and channel widths to adjacent undisturbed areas as his operations move along.
As part of this natural stream channel design approach, a spreadsheet routine has been developed that provides a basis for the spacing and sizing of pools and steps, depending mainly on stream gradient.
The FSG program has also planted thousands of trees, restored hundreds of feet of stream channel, and improved the fishery.