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a coarse yellow cardboard made of straw pulp

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Seiberling had many interests besides the strawboard company and the Empire firm.
800-422-8577 Strawboard Meadowood Industries 541-259-1303 Panolam Industries 203-925-1556 Subfloor Panels Warmboard 877-338-5493 Tambour National Products 800-228-5276 Woodstalk Fiberboard Panels The Dow Chemical Co./ Dow BioProducts 800-447-4369
Neat piles of printed but unbound pages, piles of strawboard covers, little packets of title slips, odd hanks of the strong rust coloured binding cord, sheets of sheeny Cellophane dust jackets, paste, and scissors, and on the far side of the table, a growing pile of finished books, hot from the press, surrounded the busy publisher.
1892 Industrial pollution of Massies Creek by 5 sawmills, 2 flour mills, 1 lime kiln and quarry, and 1 strawboard and paper company 1927 Wilberforce University builds a wastewater treatment facility in the woods along Massies Creek.
Some of these materials include: strawboard, fiber-cement, sandwich construction with pre-insulated panels, bamboo, Rastra adobe (incorporating polystyrene packaging beads), paper adobe, wood waste masonry, rubber slate, biocomposites (from crop wastes and recycled plastic), papercrete (made from recycled newsprint) and farm board (fashioned from row-crop wastes).
"There is a major strawboard mill under construction in Manitoba due to begin operating within the next year," reported Kevin Sauder, vice president of sales and marketing at Sauder Woodworking.
They were the deal navigators who guided a mammoth floating idea to a safe landing as a $150 million strawboard manufacturing plant at a whistle stop town on the Trans-Canada Highway 20 minutes west of Winnipeg called Elie.
Europeans have used them for about 40 years, and London's Heathrow Airport has strawboard ceilings.
Hanging from Devery's office wall is an 1899 edition of the Brownstown Banner, made from strawboard, announcing the purchase of the mill by the citizens of Brownstown.
For companies that reported looking at the use of wood substitutes, strawboard, urban waste MDF, and plastic mouldings were most frequently mentioned.
of Toronto is developing a large strawboard plant at Elie in the RM of Cartier creating 100 jobs.
Signs made of strawboard and painted with bright, non-toxic paints eliminate the need for neon, saving even more energy.