strawberry daiquiri

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daiquiri with crushed strawberries

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Sip on a strawberry daiquiri at the piano bar then tuck into mussels steamed in white wine and grilled sea bass with pink fir potatoes from the a la carte menu.
Joe's Cafe also offers a number of signature mocktails such as the strawberry daiquiri, blue lagoon or tropical tango.
FROZEN STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI THIS is a nice cold, light, slush drink we couldn't leave off the low-cal menu.
The original flavors, Light Mojito and Light Pina Colada, were joined in April with a Light Strawberry Daiquiri addition.
Made with indestructible neoprene in fluorescent shades of strawberry daiquiri and pool water, A.T.G.'s suits keep cleavage in place, shine through sheer dresses and hold their own as tops when paired with shorts.
Building on the success of its five original flavors--Classic Lime, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Watermelon Margarita, Mudslide--Cordina has added three light options, each 100 calories or less per 10-ounce serving.
For instance, the Mojito Mix, which contains just water, limes, lemons, sugar, and mint extract, can top white rum for the classic serving or vodka for a Mint Martini bourbon for a Julep, or gin for a Lime Collins, The perfect Strawberry Daiquiri can be had with the addition of a little rum or use vodka or tequila for a Strawberry Martini or Margarita.
They come in three flavours - Cosmo, Mojito and Strawberry Daiquiri - each made with fruit concentrates and best served icy cold.
Bacardi Classic Cocktails added two new flavors to their line in May: the Bacardi Classic Cocktail Pina Colada and the Bacardi Classic Cocktail Strawberry Daiquiri. The Pina Colada is made with coconut water instead of coconut cream.
Eight designs are in the initial launch, and include colorways new to Company C: key lime, strawberry daiquiri, lemonade, Java and pool.
Look out for pina colada, strawberry daiquiri, Margarita, Baileys chocolate dream or sambuca coffee.
These new flavors join Jelly Belly's mocktail flavors of Pina Colada, Margarita and Strawberry Daiquiri to make up the Classic Cocktails mix available in bulk cases.
"My holidays normally consist of lying by the pool in a nice bikini with a strawberry daiquiri," the Daily Star quoted her as saying.
The new flavors, which have been available to foodservice customers, join the company's original retail lineup of Praline Irish Cream, Creme de Mint Chip, Coffee with Brownie Bits, Orange Creamsicle, Mango Mimosa, Strawberry Daiquiri, Mojito Ice, and Pomegranate Martini.