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having the color of dry straw

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Parmesan is a straw-coloured hard cheese with a natural yellow rind and rich, fruity flavour.
With bangers 'n' mash, nothing beats Saltaire Blonde, brewed in Shipley, a straw-coloured light ale, 4%, with soft malt flavours.
And Birmingham's Two Towers Brewery has produced a speciallycommissioned No 11 beer, described as "a very pale, straw-coloured ale, with light fruit flavours suggesting the sunshine that the ale appears to project, sitting on top of biscuit malt and slight nutty hints".
Storr is a straw-coloured, lightlycarbonated Munich-style lager.
99, Majestic) If you love a straw-coloured chardonnay that's full-flavoured and lightly oaked, this elegant style slides easily over the palate.
From the region's best villages and a notch up from standard Macon, this straw-coloured chardonnay from the far south of Burgundy has lively, orchard fruits on the nose with a touch of lemon zest and balances ripe peachy fruits with good minerality on the fresh finish.
The majority of these cysts are lined with synovial cells and contain a straw-coloured fluid.
Workhorse shrubs include hydrangeas, which flower in late summer offering large blooms in shades of pink and blue before the flowerheads change colour to a rich straw-coloured hue, maintaining their shape as they dry on the stem.
Here's how to do it: STAY HYDRATED Your urine should be straw-coloured or paler.
Yalta Zoo veterinarian Alexander Dyakov said: "We expected that the cubs would be beige or straw-coloured, the natural colour lions, but we were really, really pleasantly surprised.
If you love a straw-coloured, buttery, honeyed chard with fresh, peachy flavours and a lingering finish, this is the label for you.
They should drink as much water as necessary to keep urine colourless or light straw-coloured.
From his imaginary journey, he brought back a fragrance that doubly harmonizes with its bottle: its pale, straw-coloured juice lights up the crystal like a ray of sunshine, and its olfactory perfection is a tribute to the rare beauty of the object.
After a long spell of early summer rain the course is not the straw-coloured horror track it has been in some previous years.
Pale, straw-coloured urine normally indicates a good level of hydration but water intake needs to be increased if the colour is any darker.