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an unofficial vote taken to determine opinion on some issue

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Exhibit 2: Straw Vote Spreadsheet 2015 FY 2015 FY2015 Total Adopted Service Budget * (County) * Education Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Funding CMS OPERATIONAL FUNDING 381,076,594 373,736,594 CMS EMPLOYEE SALARY 12,200,000 12,200,000 INCREASE- (RESTRICTED CONT.
In Lawson, the panel asked the military judge whether they could conduct straw votes on the findings (not on the sentence, where the rules allow for revoting without using reconsideration rules), and the military judge said they could.
As Coughlan (2000) shows, if it is possible to have a straw poll before the vote, then there exist equilibria in which voters reveal their information in the straw poll and vote optimally in the actual vote based on the pooled information from the straw vote.
In the case of a straw poll, Coughlan (2000) shows that, for the parameters used here, there is a fully informative equilibrium in which all players reveal their signals on the straw vote, that is, [[sigma].
Our efforts to compute the symmetric quantal response equilibrium correspondence for majority rule juries with a straw vote were unsuccessful.
This has a snowball effect on straw poll behavior, because they know that others will be uncert ain how to interpret the straw vote.
Appendix B presents a QRE analysis of the straw vote game for the three-person unanimity treatment, including a table that presents the maximum likelihood estimates of [lambda] and [gamma].
With a straw vote, the fully informed Nash equilibrium predicts that both majority and unanimous juries of the same size should have identical accuracy.
A series of straw votes were conducted and the following motion was passed by a vote of 15 For, 7 Opposed, 0 Abstentions.
In 1991, the 60-year-old Carey was elected after receiving only 15 percent of the straw votes cast at the convention.