straw vote

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an unofficial vote taken to determine opinion on some issue

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In Mecklenburg County, the county commissioners take straw votes on the manager's recommended budget (see Exhibit 2).
In the straw vote, 68 backed Mahsouli, 58 voted against him and 21 abstained.
In the case of a straw poll, Coughlan (2000) shows that, for the parameters used here, there is a fully informative equilibrium in which all players reveal their signals on the straw vote, that is, [[sigma].
The June 28 straw vote follows the recommendation of contained in its draft report which was released in May.
Based on the straw vote, the plain-paper proposal doesn't stand a chance.
They took a straw vote, and it was overwhelmingly favorable.
In October 1924 a nationwide straw vote among college students showed them to be "overwhelmingly conservative.
Moviegoers across the country have voted and the winner of the Regal Straw Vote is the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.
Last December I took a straw vote of bright, first-time student voters.
In a straw vote they agreed to have five ward councilors assisted by a councilor-at-large each select one member.
We do have to remember: The straw vote is one thing, but then there's a whole other thing - delegates - and that is where we excel.
In a straw vote they split--three go, three stay, two can't decide.
That explains the results of Sunday's straw vote in the governor's race.
According to Perez, Bauer called teachers into his office to sign the petition, shortly after a straw vote failed to muster two-thirds support from teachers.
With this fun and innovative Straw Vote, Regal and our employees are filled with American pride while making a campaign promise to help kids all across the USA through these charities.