straw poll

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an unofficial vote taken to determine opinion on some issue

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It will be interesting to see whether tradition media outlets begin to include De La Fuente in the mix after his string showings in the recent straw polls. It will also be interesting to see whether voters begin to exert pressure on the media to expand their coverage to include options to the status quo.
Why did not the BBC choose to take the straw poll in areas of high immigration.
Two interesting choices--especially considering that Carson only a week or so before the straw poll told an anti-gay group in Illinois that supporters of equal marriage rights for LGBT people were "directly attacking the relationship between God and his people" and could endanger "everything else in the Bible."
According to a straw poll taken among nearly 100 delegates who attended the event, 81% thought employment law had got more complex to manage, and nearly 70% believed their workloads and red tape had increased due to the laws.
Terry Branstad has ruffled the feathers of state GOP leaders by proposing what many of them regard as unthinkable: Eliminating the 33-year-old Ames Straw Poll. Branstad told The Wall Street Journal he believes the poll has "outlived its usefulness," to which A.J.
A STRAW poll by an environmental charity revealed support for the idea that Welsh Government should do more to tackle energy efficiency in homes.
Late last month, he embarrassingly lost the Florida Republican straw poll to delivery-pizza mogul Herman Cain, despite having been the only one of the mainstream candidates to seriously contest it.
Not much, if my admittedly non-scientific straw poll in the country's Capital region, where I spent most of last week, counts for anything.
Synopsis: Newly announced presidential candidate Rick Perry and Iowa Straw Poll winner Michele Bachmann generate more intensely positive reactions from Republicans who know them than does front-runner Mitt Romney.
PLAID Cymru leader Ieuan Wyn Jones would be the best Minister for the Economy and Transport in the next Welsh Assembly Government, according to a straw poll conducted by
There's even a presidential nomination at stake, or at least a straw poll whose top spot is highly coveted by Republican hopefuls.
Cooney dismissed the significance of what he said was a straw poll taken among one hurler and footballer from each county.
Jean-Pol Poncelet, a former Belgian deputy premier and now an executive at the French nuclear group Areva, finished last, along with Slovenia's Ernest Petric, among five men in a June 9 straw poll. Petric pulled out on Tuesday.
Yukiya Amano of Japan led other candidates in an informal nonbinding straw poll Tuesday ahead of the election for the next director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency.
We would love Huddersfield to have a facility like this - in a straw poll of 60 pupils this came out as the top suggestion.