straw man

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Synonyms for straw man

a person used as a cover for some questionable activity

a weak or sham argument set up to be easily refuted


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an effigy in the shape of a man to frighten birds away from seeds

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And this brings me on to my third straw man argument, and the last for this week.
Cat We Sell THERE was a farm called Scatterbrook Birds aplenty, jackdaw, raven, rook TV series and a book Psychology in niche and nook Scarecrows apparently like cake Cups of tea an adventure make Worzel's world of give and take A hapless straw man on a stake A robin's nest in his heart Aunt Sally played her part Saucy Nancy a sailor's tart Hitch a ride on an 'orse and cart Every episode had a plan Childs ren's life in a caravan The compost heap no one outran Hats off to the Crowman!
Tim Gallagher commits a straw man fallacy when he writes that many editors and journalists don't report on religion because they find religion "shallow or unscientific, yet they report on sports they find frivolous." ("Business of News: Finding Faith," October 2016) Steee-rike.
military action." Like the administration whose failed Syria policy it supports, the editorial board enlists a straw man to make its point.
Enter the straw man. In rhetoric, a straw man is when an orator builds up a fictitious argument for the sake of tearing it down to seemingly strengthen his or her own case.
Grange Moor Community Association is inviting villagers to try their hand at building a straw man, or woman, ahead of offi-cial judging at the end of the month.
front of the building, the picketers put a straw man in the uniform of a senior police officer with a slogan: "Punish the scoundrels!"
The court holds that an arrangement involving an agreement with a straw man is illegal.
The fear that any discussion of non-four-year colleges will lead to tracking is a straw man argument.
However, in the past we have served as the straw man that was stood up to be beaten back down just so some candidate would get elected; nor has the electorate in the Kamloops riding stood up and questioned why the candidates have not put on their agenda Aboriginal issues.
I write to challenge the logical fallacy of the "straw man" middle school these articles depict and the negative effects associated with it.
Geoffrey Robertson sets up a straw man to knock down in his piece on the Lady Chatterley trial ('Trial of the Century', November 2010).
He's raising a straw man for someone to knock down." (ANI)
This is a "straw man" purchase and ATF holds this at the top of their list of prohibited sales.
As writer and organic farmer Eliot Coleman says, "It is obviously to someone's benefit to make meat eating and livestock raising an easily attacked straw man (with the enthusiastic help of vegetarian groups) in order to cover up the singular contribution of the only new sources of carbon burning the stored carbon in fossil fuels and to a small extent making cement (both of which release carbon from long term storage)--as the reason for increased greenhouse gasses in the modern era."