straw hat

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a stiff hat made of straw with a flat crown

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Over and over in her mind she was saying it "light hair, red-checked dress, straw hat.
The next morning, I found the lovely mistress of my destiny, with the softest of shawls on her shoulders, the brightest of parasols in her hand, and the smart little straw hat of the day before on her head, ready to show me the way to the fishing-place.
Uncle Henry took off his straw hat and held it awkwardly in his hands.
To prevent my being known, I pulled off my blue apron, and wrapped the bundle in it, which before was made up in a piece of painted calico, and very remarkable; I also wrapped up my straw hat in it, and so put the bundle upon my head; and it was very well that I did thus, for coming through the Bluecoat Hospital, who should I meet but the wench that had given me the bundle to hold.
This man lifted his straw hat, showed his scanty curly hair and high forehead, painfully reddened by the pressure of the hat.
James Williams sat a girl in a loose tan jacket and a straw hat adorned with grapes and roses.
He was followed by a tall young man in a grey tweed suit and a straw hat on which were the colours of a famous cricket club.
It was true that she had condescended to Bohemianism, that be had first met her as a journalist, working for her living in a plain serge suit and a straw hat.
The officer who took him in hand, and who had a large straw hat and a diamond breastpin, was quite a man of the world, and in reply to the Count's formal declarations only said, "Well, I guess it's all right; I guess I'll just pass you," distributing chalk-marks as if they had been so many love-pats.
He wore a flannel suit of a gay blue and a straw hat with a coloured ribbon, and he looked upon a world which, his manner seemed to indicate, had been constructed according to his own specifications through a single eyeglass.
As to the straw hat and blue ribbons which was on the top of the curls, if I could only have hung it up in my room in Buckingham Street, what a priceless possession it would have been!
She wore a straw hat, with corn-flowers in it, and a white veil.
In a dim inclined mirror, Flora caught sight down to the waist of a pale-faced girl in a white straw hat trimmed with roses, distant, shadowy, as if immersed in water, and was surprised to recognize herself in those surroundings.
From her shoulders hung a broad straw hat profusely decorated with flowers and wonderfully beribboned in the fashion of the time.
She had a smart little straw hat on her head, with a white veil twisted round it.