stratum basale

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the innermost layer of the epidermis

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It penetrates deeper into the skin and exerts its effect especially in the stratum basale of the epidermis.
The dermis and stratum basale were infiltrated by lymphocytes, plasma cells, and macrophages and a large number of viable and degenerate neutrophils.
Epidermis is stratified into four layers according to the stage of keratinocyte differentiation: stratum corneum, stratum granulosum, stratum spinosum, and stratum basale.[12] The skin barrier is formed by differentiating keratinocytes and is continuously renewed.
The epidermal KCs are categorized into four layers, namely, the stratum basale, stratum spinosum, stratum granulosum (SG), and stratum corneum (SC).
At day 2 of culture at the A/L interface, the staining was confined to suprabasal cells, leaving the stratum basale devoid of C4.4A.