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vastly exceeding a normal limit, as in cost

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is HAPSMobile's aircraft development partner for "HAWK30," a solar-powered unmanned aircraft designed for stratospheric telecommunications platform systems.
At the moment it is too early to tell what the Sudden Stratospheric Warming in the Arctic will mean for Wales and the rest of the UK.
Deputy Chief Meteorologist Jason Kelly said: "Well, it is true that a sudden stratospheric warming has happened.
The chemical scheme includes gas-phase and heterogeneous reactions important for stratospheric ozone chemistry, as well as sulfur-bearing gases important for stratospheric sulfate formation (Mills et al.
Although warmer-than-average stratospheric weather conditions have reduced ozone depletion during the past two years, the current ozone hole area is still large compared to the 1980s, when the depletion of the ozone layer above Antarctica was first detected.
Forecasters are warning that a phenomenon, known as a sudden stratospheric warming, could mean a very cold spell at the end of this month.
"There is a very big, very cold pool of air that circulates around the North Pole - sudden stratospheric warming, as it says on the tin, is when the stratosphere suddenly warms," he said.
This Partnership Agreement with the Department of Aerospace of Kasetsart University (ISAAC LAB) outlines a strategic partnership covering; wind tunnel testing, lab analysis, logistical and technical coordination, in order to establish a new plant and testing grounds in the Kingdom of Thailand to further Hermes ATMOSAT Stratospheric Unmanned Aerial System Project.
They have those three players forward that are stratospheric but we have the quality to do well."
A study published earlier this month found five areas in the Golden State with stratospheric rates of unvaccinated or under-immunized kids: Northeastern Sacramento County and Roseville (5.5 percent); Marin and Southwest Sonoma (6.6 percent); Northeast San Francisco (7.4 percent); an area from Alameda to El Cerrito (10.2 percent) an area south of Sacramento (13.5 percent).
Small amounts of sulfur dioxide emissions from Earth's surface eventually rise 12 to 20 miles into the stratospheric aerosol layer of the atmosphere, where chemical reactions create sulfuric acid and water particles that reflect sunlight back to space, cooling the planet.
Studies have shown even small changes in stratospheric humidity may have significant climate impacts.
The result would be the destruction of 10 percent of the stratospheric ozone layer within 50 years, Rowland says.
This spring however, cold stratospheric temperatures have led to more depletion than usual: in some areas, losses were as high as 40 per cent.
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