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the atmospheric layer between the troposphere and the mesosphere

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When we pointed Hubble at WASP-121b, we saw glowing water molecules, implying that the planet has a strong stratosphere.
If we as humans modify the stratosphere, it may - through the chain of events we demonstrate in this study - also impact the ocean circulation," he said.
The new findings "are a nice demonstration of the sensitivity of the climate to water vapor concentrations in the lower stratosphere," says Andrew Gettelman, an atmospheric scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, also in Boulder.
Ray went on to insist that there was little likelihood that freons (chlorofluoro-carbons, or CFCs for short) would reach the stratosphere.
To deliver a parametric yield ramp solution to our sophisticated customer base requires close collaboration across the supply chain," remarks Prashant Maniar, Stratosphere Solutions' chief strategy officer.
The stratosphere is present on exoplanet WASP-121b, a "hot Jupiter" planet, because it's similar in size to Jupiter but a little bit "puffier," (https://www.
They found that fluctuations in the speed of the circumpolar westerly jet that forms in the winter stratosphere are dynamically coupled to weather in the troposphere: when the jet gets stronger, storm tracks and the tropospheric jet stream shift poleward, whereas a weaker jet produces a shift toward the equator.
We found evidence that what happens in the stratosphere matters for the ocean circulation and therefore for climate," says Thomas Reichler, senior author of the study published online Sunday, Sept.
And, if it happened today, a similar explosive eruption could do the same, releasing more than twice the amount of ozone-depleting halogen gases currently in stratosphere due to manmade emissions.
Within the past decade, however, scientists have recognized that the plumes from major blazes can reach the stratosphere.
The gas soars to the stratosphere, or the layer of the atmosphere from 12 to 50 kilometers (7 to 31 miles) above Earth's surface.
PASADENA - JPL scientists are tracking a killer in the clouds high above the Earth in the Arctic stratosphere.
LONDON Capitol Films, the London-based sales company run by Jane Barclay and Sharon Harel, has entered into a four-picture alliance with Carl Icahn's Stratosphere Entertainment.
Mirero will demonstrate Stratosphere Solutions' silicon-proven StratoPro platform during SEMICON Korea (Exhibit Hall: Atlantic; Booth Number: 1152) January 31-February 2 in Seoul.
What makes their presence so counterintuitive is the fact that the chemical composition of the surrounding stratosphere contains little to no dicyanoacetylene.
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