stratified sample

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the population is divided into strata and a random sample is taken from each stratum

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Is there a difference in school-wide student pass rates on Math assessments between an experimental group of elementary, middle, and secondary RAMP-designated schools (2007) and a stratified sample of control schools over time (from 2005-2006 to 2008-2009)?
On the basis of GAO's review of a stratified sample of FDA's 3R incentive files awarded from January 2007 through October 2008, GAO found that FDA maintained documentation which provided sufficient explanation to justify each award.
Due to these issues, sample size in terms of number of clusters and items selected from each cluster should be greater than the sample size required for a simple random sample or stratified sample.
In a similar stratified sample of North Carolina children ages 6-17 no difference was found between genders (15); however, Gonzalez et al, in a study of Wisconsin children, reported that females are more likely than males to have had sealants present (16).
Interestingly, the results of a questionnaire on linguistic attitudes and cultural identities distributed to a stratified sample of 1,440 individuals point to a new positive attitude towards CF, particularly among younger speakers.
In a national survey of a stratified sample of 1,278 high school students from 14 schools across the country, only 3.
We once compared the sample sizes for a simple random sample and a stratified sample for the same sampling circumstances.
This project involves approximately 250 camps selected from a representative stratified sample, data analysis, and the development for distribution of training materials and research monographs.
Kim and his associates analyzed two federally sponsored databases from 1985 through 1996: the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, a 20% stratified sample of all acute care hospitals in the United States, and mortality data from the National Vital Statistics System, which collects and publishes death certificate information.
One way is to use a proportionate stratified sample, which assures that the number in the sample from each stratum is in the same proportion as the number of items in the population for that stratum.
Chapter 7 describes a stratified sample of newsgroups and other chapters all provide equally rich material.
This conclusion is drawn from the analysis of survey data collected from a stratified sample of loan beneficiaries of the Small-scale Industries and Graduate Employment Programme in Nigeria.
The survey was sent to a random stratified sample of 3,000 retail buying groups -- among them furniture stores, department stores, mass merchants and specialty stores -- and to the market's 2,300 exhibitors.
A telephone survey conducted in April 1996 of a stratified sample of adults (18 years and older) to pursue questions on computer usage, book purchasing, public library use, expectations of the library's future, valuation of library services, and opinions on funding options.