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Synonyms for strategic

Synonyms for strategic

relating to or concerned with strategy


highly important to or an integral part of a strategy or plan of action especially in war

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Careful in its research and organized in a logical fashion, How to Think Strategically is a deft business text.
When you've thought about individual obstacles such as this, you can start strategically working out the way to overcome them, and then start plotting a route through the race to a position further up the pack.
She is a top-tier talent who will help us to manage risk strategically from the enterprise portfolio perspective.
First Avenue is strategically sited in a rapidly growing suburban area of Dubai, close to Sports City, Arabian Ranches, Al Barari, Silicon Oasis, Nshama, Mudon, Studio City and Dubai Production City.
KPMG has suggested that commercial banks in Hong Kong need to think strategically because revenues of commercial banks were dropping.
TEHRAN (FNA)- ISIL (Daesh) terrorists have completely retreated from the strategically important city of Al-Rutbah in Western Iraq, the governor of the city said.
Bank of the West said it has published Achieving Smart Growth: A Guide for US Manufacturers, a paper by Michelle Di Gangi, executive vice president of small- and medium-size enterprise banking at Bank of the West, reporting tactics that manufacturers should take to ensure they are growing their businesses strategically.
Omanexpo plans to strategically integrate with world-class motor shows to ensure Oman is a regional hub for the automobile indus-try.
China Overseas Ports Holding Company Limited COPHC has proudly taken over the control of recently developed Gwadar Port and Gwadar Free Zone on May 16 2013 for 40 years (as per the concession agreement) with an objective to develop the region's most strategically well placed port into a hub of well-defined and commercially most viable port for maritime trade for the whole region including landlocked Central Asian Region (CAR) in general and of Pakistan in particular.
We must think and work strategically and find ways to teach our future leaders to do the same.
He said: "I have always felt that a partnership between like minded high quality estate agents strategically placed in non-competing locations could form a powerful alternative marketing opportunity for vendors and purchasers alike."
"With several stores strategically located near college campuses, The Fresh Grocer will give us new insight into the next generation of consumers and will expand our reach to a new customer, while providing them with a wide offering of ShopRite branded products."
The premise of the discussion is that negotiations should aim at obtaining the greatest possible benefit from the total sum of our relations instead of pursuing a single, isolated, relationship and thus the negotiator must be able to negotiate strategically by recognizing the best way of negotiating in each specific case.
Moreover, licence sales are shifting into strategically important Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model which has an impact on the growth of net sales in short term but supports the growth of Automation services in the long term.
research found that of loan default customers with origination balances of less than $50,000, only 6 percent strategically defaulted.
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