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long and narrow like a strap

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While sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma is also markedly pleomorphic with spindled or straplike cells, the cytoplasm is generally more dense and well defined.
Their straplike leaves, smooth, shiny, and thick, fan out symmetrically around a central cup (called a tank) to form a neat rosette.
In our region, it flourishes and flowers in August, then produces straplike leaves in fall.
It was the strangest vascular plant he had ever seen, with only a single pair of opposite, extremely long, broad straplike leaves blown around on the desert soil.
Its straplike leaves grow from the base and widen towards the tips, acting as a perfect frame for the delicate stem that can produce up to 20 small, star-shaped flowers.
For example, only one individual plant of Cyanea kuhihewa, a gray stem topped by a tuff of straplike leaves, remains in the wild.
arborea produces long, narrow, straplike blades that are characterized by rows of relatively low ridges and valleys oriented more or less parallel to flow (Roberson, 2001).
Present within this primitive mesenchyme were several straplike rhabdomyoblasts (Figure 4).
After the flower dies, deep green straplike leaves - similar to those seen on the Kaffir lily (Cliviaminiata) - appear, growing up to 6 inches wide and 2 feet long.
Clumping plant with broad, arching straplike leaves.
The plant grows like a rosette, producing long, straplike leaves that reach lengths of 50 cm or more.
Although New Caledonian crows are hard to observe directly, Hunt and Gray analyzed the edges of straplike pandanus leaves left behind on trees after a bird has cut out its tool.
In the spring, masses of thin, straplike leaves burst out of the bulbs in dense clumps.
3 Hz at a right angle to the long axis of the straplike LMBW.
Growing among them might be other treasures, such as dried grasses, glossy or straplike green leaves, or interesting seed pods or fruits.