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an epiphytic vine or tree whose aerial roots extend down the trunk of a supporting tree and coalesce around it eventually strangling the tree

someone who kills by strangling

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THE BOSTON STRANGLER The Boston Strangler, immortalised by Tony Curtis in the film of the same name, is probably the most famous killer of his genre.
The strangler dumped Gemma in Belstead Brook at the village of Hintlesham, on the same waterway where Tania was discovered.
Stranglers drummer Jet Black used an ice cream van for transport to gigs up and down the country for a few years before finding success and the van, with music playing, made its way from Guildford to Mid Wales.
Racing against time, they piece together clues, interrogate witnesses and examine DNA evidence to stop the Brooklyn Strangler, who had just killed his sixth victim, from striking again.
Lorna was also shocked to learn that the strangler has been allowed out of prison on a training-for-freedom programme.
The strangler taunted police and even coined his own nickname BTK standing for 'bind, torture and kill'.
From an opening clutch of songs off his last solo album Guilty and obscure Strangler songs like Souls to great new numbers Big Sleep (about actor Robert Mitchum) and Gingerbread Girl (seemingly laced with sexual imagery), Cornwell held court the whole time.
Bailey specializes in civil & criminal litigation with many high profile cases such as: The Boston Strangler, Patricia Hearst, the Attorney-General David Norvell, Navajo Chairman Peter MacDonald, Prime Minister Sir Lynden O.
With his regular rhythm section of Chris Bell on drums and bassist Steve 'Fish' Lawrence (a dead ringer for a young Tom Jones), Cornwell ripped through the great songs from his third solo album - played with verve and precision, Long Gone Train, Black Hair Black Eyes Black Suit and Five Miles High all comparable with many a Strangler track.
Washington, July 12 ( ANI ): US authorities have said the body of a dead convict suspected to have killed a woman nearly 50 years ago will be exhumed to conduct forensic tests to determine whether he was the notorious Boston Strangler.
The suspect, who was imprisoned on sexual assault charges and not the Strangler murders, confessed in prison.
BOSTON, Ramadan 2, 1434, Jul 11, 2013, SPA -- Investigators helped by advances in DNA technology finally have forensic evidence linking longtime suspect Albert DeSalvo to the last of the 1960s killings attributed to the Boston Strangler, leading many involved in the case to hope that it can finally be put to rest.
Summary: A convicted killer dubbed the Black Dog Strangler has escaped from a secure hospital, police have said.