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a quark with an electric charge of -1/3 and a mass 988 times that of an electron and a strangeness of -1


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While the structure of the proton does not include strange quarks, data also show that the higher the number of strange quarks contained in the induced hadron, the stronger is the increase of its production rate.
If strange quark stars really do exist, they are very weird objects.
Search for stable strange quark matter in Lunar soil.
The strange matter is a ultra-dense matter formed by a big number of strange quarks bounded together with an electron atmosphere (this strange matter is hypothetical).
The disintegration of lambdas takes a mere fraction of a nanosecond because the strange quarks in the particles are unstable.
In the 1950s, researchers discovered exceptions to that perfect symmetry in the decay of K-mesons, or kaons (a type of meson consisting of a strange quark and a down quark).
Objective: This proposal plans to develop simulations of heavy quark phenomenology in2+1f QCD with the vacuum effects of up, down and strange quarks simulated directlyat physical quark masses.
Physicists use a more complex, three-dimensional chart to also convey information on the number of neutrons, which may change in different isotopes of the same element, and a quantum number known as "strangeness," which depends on the presence of strange quarks.
There is no clear subprocess which seems to dominate the total amplitude, but there is speculation that strange quarks [15] and sea quarks [16] play an important role.
There are six types: up, down, beauty, truth, charm, and strange quarks.
Each particle contains two charm quarks and two strange quarks.
The standard model of particle physics predicts the existence and mass of this particle, which is a baryon, like protons and neutrons, and is made up of two strange quarks and a bottom quark.
Proton's cousin Physicists discover omega-b-minus, a particle made of two strange quarks and a bottom quark (SN: 9/27/08, p.
The new particle, long predicted to exist, is made of a bottom quark--the second-heaviest of all quarks--with two, much lighter strange quarks essentially orbiting around it, says Fermilab physicist Dmitri Denisov.
The quark matter would consist not only of the up and down quarks that make up protons and neutrons, but also strange quarks, which aren't found in ordinary matter.