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an attractor for which the approach to its final point in phase space is chaotic

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One explanation for the seemingly random events of chaotically behaving systems is in strange attractors, which are in themselves mathematical equations developed by pattern-seeking human minds.
Another way of making this circular paradox more evident is to ask the question: "Which is more primary, the strange attractor or the new self?
We obtained some graphic images of the dependence v = v (r) and [OMEGA] = [OMEGA](r), finding all the possible situations: limit point, limit cycle, limit torus and even strange attractors.
Furthermore, the strange attractor can reconfigure radically into a different attractor unpredictably and unexpectedly.
Drawn by the strange attractor, we evolve, perhaps temporarily, into individuals who are different and better, which suddenly and unexpectedly increases the odds of our making a future aspiration a reality.
strong evidence for the existence of a strange attractor which governed
The strange attractor offers a vision of what society could be without the repressive limits imposed by the fixed attractor (i.
The force that determines the shape of the boundary is called a "strange attractor," and although a system will never land in the same place twice, it also will never go beyond the pattern set by the strange attractor.
Thus, even though the path is aperiodic and therefore never reaches an equilibrium in the standard sense, it also never leaves the strange attractor and therefore is not unstable (for example, never goes to positive or negative infinity).
At a demonstration at the American Physical Society meeting, users could wander and fly around not only Pearsali's landscape but also a crystal lattice, a mathematical structure called a strange attractor, and scanning tunneling microscope images of an integrated circuit and the surface of a garnet crystal.
The seemingly random data of a chaotic system will often reveal itself by operating around a strange attractor, that is a point of collection of points around which the variables will oscillate.
The matrix in this circle of disparate creatures is one Ben Steinberg, a successful architect who is a strange attractor to a variety of artists who move through his home in Sag Harbor.
Worcester has had a number of them over the years - concerts at the Firehouse or the Distant Castle, poetry readings at the Kitchen Sessions, cool art stuff at the Strange Attractor, and that's just a handful.
The strange attractor is an account of functioning in terms of order and disorder, pattern and chance, stability and change, predictability and uncertainty-not as opposites but as composites of the complexity within systems.