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Synonyms for stranded

Synonyms for stranded

cut off or left behind

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Sunday, the number of passengers stranded in Bohol ports has reached 633.
Using its official Twitter account, @PhilCoastGuard1, the PCG said that as of 12 noon, October 20, a total of 1,078 passengers were stranded in various ports inside the country.
Vericom offers Stranded Speaker Cables in 14/2 CMR Stranded OFC Speaker Cable, 14/4 CMR Stranded OFC Speaker Cable, 16/2 CMR Stranded OFC Speaker Cable and 16/4 CMR Stranded OFC Speaker Cable models that are constructed with inner tissue paper for easy stripping of the cable and the outstanding flexibility on these Vericom speaker cables makes pulling these cables easy and convenient.
Fusing two single stranded DNA molecules by complementary base pairing is also called annealing.
1 : to run, drive, or cause to drift from the water onto land <The storm stranded boats.
If the city sues, she said, it would have to show it tried all possible administrative appeals, including reconsideration by the Local Agency Formation Commission of its rejection of the stranded costs argument.
Northwestern Ontario energy users should not have to pay Ontario Power Generation's (OPG) stranded debt charge.
Stranded was chosen as the winner from eight mobile games nominated and was recognized as the "most enjoyable and innovative mobile game of the last 18 months" according to Gameshadow's judges.
The "Death Stranding" director didn't give out any details on the game's actual storyline, but he did say that the title was inspired by whales and dolphins that get stranded on beaches.
The Office of Civil Defense (OCD) Region 5 has noted some 3,145 passengers stranded in various ports in Bicol due to inclement weather brought by Tropical Depression 'Carina.
NAGA CITY -- Nearly 3,000 passengers, almost half of whom were pilgrims who had hoped to see Pope Francis in Leyte, remained stranded in Bicol ports after they were prevented from leaving since Thursday due to Tropical Storm "Amang," the Coast Guard in Bicol said.
One small RNA stood out because it was double stranded.
The use of stranded radioactive seed implants is an important development in brachytherapy.
Ten beaked whales that stranded themselves on shore during military maneuvers hosted by Spain last fall near the Canary Islands show unusual bits of fat in vital organs--an indication of trauma, say the researchers.