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Synonyms for straitjacket

anything immaterial that severely hinders or confines

a garment similar to a jacket that is used to bind the arms tightly against the body as a means of restraining a violent person

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Magician Chris Cross performing a Harry Houdini-style escape from a straitjacket from the top of the Castle keep
TOP BRASS David Hamilton, 18, trombone player with Durham County Youth Big Band, escapologist David Straitjacket, Michael Mason, 15, trumpet player with Durham County Youth Big Band in Durham Market Place for the launch of BRASS.
Then America can educate its youth into supporting a constitutional straitjacket again.
It's a wonder she's not leaving in a designer straitjacket.
Admittedly, Germany's economy, the original subject of Gersemann's book, has performed poorly in recent years as it struggles with the burden of a botched reunification and the straitjacket of outdated regulations.
Less secrecy, together with less committee tiering, would produce extra revenue for patient choice and Jane Hutt's straitjacket dominance over the weak and defenceless would be no more.
The student rooms, typically paired about small threshold spaces and shared bathrooms, are aligned between floor slabs to either side of the central corridor--a new sort of internal street--whereas the multi-height communal rooms punch through this straitjacket, morphing vertically--in the case of upper rooms--towards fantastical roof lights clear to the sky.
Shahid Malik wriggled free from a straitjacket while suspended upside down from a burning rope 160ft above Glasgow's George Square.
At best, you will jolt them out of their mental straitjacket.
Merchant owns one of pop's more distinctive voices, but her strong identity can be a straitjacket.
My answer to that is that the situation we're in is like someone in a straitjacket being told to dig a trench.
The president's conservative agenda is built around placing such a fiscal straitjacket on the federal government that Congress will not able to create new initiatives or entitlements.
Many Canadian producers and directors no longer feel compelled to limit themselves to the straitjacket imposed upon them by festival programmers and critics who traditionally have stamped their blinkered vision of what a Canadian film should or should not be.
A straitjacket is a strong garment with long sleeves that are tied in the back to prevent the person wearing it from acting violently.
We realized that the Andean region as our only targeted growth area is something of a straitjacket.