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  • verb

Synonyms for straiten

bring into difficulties or distress, especially financial hardship

squeeze together

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In this confinement, I began to be straitened for food: but venturing out twice, I one day killed a goat; and the last day, which was the
I had some English goods with me of value, and a considerable sum of money; my nephew furnishing me with a thousand pieces of eight, and a letter of credit for more if I had occasion, that I might not be straitened, whatever might happen.
It is but bare justice to Mr Swiveller to say, that, although the expenses of her education kept him in straitened circumstances for half a dozen years, he never slackened in his zeal, and always held himself sufficiently repaid by the accounts he heard (with great gravity) of her advancement, on his monthly visits to the governess, who looked upon him as a literary gentleman of eccentric habits, and of a most prodigious talent in quotation.
And so I am straitened, and say but little of what is in my mind.
It was, however, two years before poor Milligan ceased to complain that they had buried the leg in so narrow a box that it was straitened for room; he could feel the pain shooting up from the inhumed fragment into the living members.
For a noble family they were in somewhat straitened circumstances financially.
This friend was a merchant, a man of enterprising spirit and undoubted talent, who was somewhat straitened in his mercantile pursuits for want of capital; but generously proposed to give my father a fair share of his profits, if he would only entrust him with what he could spare; and he thought he might safely promise that whatever sum the latter chose to put into his hands, it should bring him in cent.
But vast Earth groaned within, being straitened, and she made the element of grey flint and shaped a great sickle, and told her plan to her dear sons.
So let the Royal Family pick up the tab for the security costs rather than burden the taxpayer during these straitened times.
This is because, in these straitened times, we at DOUG do not have the resources to cope with the levels of unimaginative gift buying we anticipate this year.
IT probably seems like a crazy amount of money to be spending on squirrels in these straitened times.
Tough decisions must be made by all areas of the public sector with regards to priorities in these straitened times of austerity.
In these straitened times isn't it at best frivolous and dare I say vexatious (in the legal sense) to be expecting Stockton Borough Council (from which Yarm and Thornaby so desperately want to be separated) to spend PS100,000+ (in each case) on a boundary review?
Now we learn Age Concern Birmingham acts as a glorified piggy-bank for staff, dishing out loans to those in straitened circumstances "which are always repaid".
Steenkamp's parents are said to have been financially straitened since the death of their daughter and are running a pub, which is understood to have been purchased with money paid for interviews by foreign media.