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Synonyms for straining

an intense or violent exertion

the act of distorting something so it seems to mean something it was not intended to mean

taxing to the utmost

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But how if another claw in the shape of me is straining to thwart it?
A sentry halted abruptly, straining his eyes into the gloom.
Other researchers looking further into the future are exploring replacing silicon in chips with more naturally conductive, siliconlike materials--such as silicon-germanium or pure germanium--and then straining those materials to boost current.
Agere's patents embody the most fundamental techniques for producing silicon-germanium graded buffer layers, the essential step in straining the lattice to make strained silicon," said Gene Fitzgerald, chairman and co-founder, AmberWave Systems.
The Roll-Ex 300 TRF (two-roll feeder) gear extruder for large capacity rubber straining within a rubber mixing line is engineered for micro filtration of heavy outputs, said to make it ideal for straining industrial rubber compounds, as well as for tire industry applications.