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a filter to retain larger pieces while smaller pieces and liquids pass through

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When performing the test under identical conditions, but with a properly optimized strainer plate area (2.
The New Jersey man was told "to apply thru (sic) proper channels" to get the pasta strainer listed as approved religious wear.
It is hoped the bowls and wine strainer will be displayed at the National Museum of Wales next year in the Origins: In Search of Early Wales gallery.
With operating pressures of up to 10 Bar, it is designed as a low pressure drop 'last chance' filter before a pump or in-line instrument as well as a strainer for coarse particle filtration.
Once the strainer is in place, users simply pour the product through the strainer and into the container.
Adjust the seasonings and strain through a fine mesh strainer.
Pour batter through a strainer into prepared pie plate, pressing down on any lumps of flour in strainer to dissolve them.
Pour the sand into the metal strainer and rinse under running water (use an outdoor faucet), b.
The rescuer wrapped a piece of orange webbing around McNeil's torso and cinched it tight, then the men with the ropes pulled him upstream and away from the strainer before maneuvering him to the safety of a bridge support just down- stream.
This clear, all-plastic simplex basket strainer allows full visual verification of trapped dirt and debris.
With the help of a tow truck, Peterson and some fellow officers removed the grate and used a vegetable strainer to lift the ducklings to safety.
Take the money you save on pasta oil and buy yourself a nice new pasta strainer.
When the seed is dry, put it through a fine strainer and the sand goes through but the seeds stay in the strainer.
This AD requires measurement of the visible length of standpipe (tube) in the top assembly of the fuel strainer assembly for the correct length and the replacement of any fuel strainer assembly that does not have the correct length of standpipe.