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a filter to retain larger pieces while smaller pieces and liquids pass through

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Industrial strainers are another method of pre-filtration in a lab system.
Even though the machinery supplier does not have any influence on the customers' specifications with regard to the required screen mesh size, or the compound viscosity, the machinery manufacturer can design and recommend the overall strainer/filter area of the strainer plate along with the type of extruder head that should be used in order to maximize straining performance.
The officer "advised Williams that the pasta strainer is not approved by the (Motor Vehicle Commission) and he would have to apply to the state for it to be allowed.
Now South African inventor, Mike Swann, has introduced a siphon-proof strainer that is fitted to the inlet filler pipe of vehicle fuel tanks and prevents thieves from using tubes to suck out the fuel.
AECL designed a finned strainer to filter out debris that could block the circulation of cooling water in an emergency core cooling system.
Once the strainer is in place, users simply pour the product through the strainer and into the container.
Pour batter through a strainer into prepared pie plate, pressing down on any lumps of flour in strainer to dissolve them.
An SSI suction diffuser installed in front of a fluid pump in place of a strainer extends pump life by reducing turbulence and protecting against particles while providing more free area than a strainer.
This clear, all-plastic simplex basket strainer allows full visual verification of trapped dirt and debris.
However, when filtering low alloy steels, carbon steels, and manganese steels with zirconia ceramic foam and mullite strainer core products, this optimum in-line position is not always possible without significant superheat to keep the metal hot enough until it reaches the filter.
An important part of your Food Strainer Demonstration will be educating customers about how easy it is to use these implements.