strain gage

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a gauge for measuring strain in a surface


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Because only one gage actually is measuring strain, this method is called a quarter-bridge with a compensating strain gage.
Many analog circuits in these applications require components such as strain gages capable of surviving temperatures up to +2100[degrees]F (+1150[degrees]C).
Equivalent compressive load and bending moments as per the experiments were applied at the center of the stem and for each load steps, corresponding axial strains were obtained at the particular strain gage location.
This experiment used strain gages to measure outer "cortex" strains in Sawbones[R] femurs for a variety of surface replacement head positions.
As the shaft rotates, the resistance of the strain gage changes and gives off signals that are converted by the transmitter to radio frequencies in the 88-to-100-MHz band.
[7] Ke Tang, Long Sha, Yi-jian Li, et al., "Measurement of thermal expansion at low temperatures using the strain gage method", Journal of Zhejiang University-Science A, vol.
Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL) (Cranston, RI) has announced that the CellMite Model 4337 Digital Signal Conditioner with a 16-character auto identifying display is ideal for use with strain gage extensometers used to test steel or with other industrial testing applications.
3) Residual stresses measurements were done by the use of the hole-drilling strain gage method;
One major improvement in the instrumentation aspect of the system was made available through the introduction of electronic strain gage load cells instead of mechanical levers and dials.
The PCI Strain Gage Simulator Cards (50-265) have six bridge channels; each channel simulates a strain gage bridge.
Its finishing operation is necessarily required for lowering the roughness of each connection beam surface on where the strain gage will be attached.
A strain gage rosette with three elements is placed in the area under consideration.