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Synonyms for straightaway

Synonyms for straightaway

a straight segment of a roadway or racecourse


performed with little or no delay

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If you should bring him up until he reach the full measure of youth, any one of womankind that sees you will straightway envy you, so great reward would I give for his upbringing.
281-291) And straightway Metaneira's knees were loosed and she remained speechless for a long while and did not remember to take up her late-born son from the ground.
And Hermes obeyed, and leaving the house of Olympus, straightway sprang down with speed to the hidden places of the earth.
And rich-crowned Demeter did not refuse but straightway made fruit to spring up from the rich lands, so that the whole wide earth was laden with leaves and flowers.
Then with one stroke he cut the bonds that bound the other's arms and legs, and Stutely leaped straightway from the cart.
Then Robin Hood sped straightway to the forest-camp, where he heard the details of the skirmish--how that his men had been out-numbered five to one, but got off safely, as they thought, until a count of their members had shown the loss of the widow's three sons.
Contract awarded for 1) 62174204-globe valves leaded tin bronge screwed internalends, screwed on bonnet integral seat designhorizontal straightway type to is : 778/84 with amno.
FUNABASHI, Japan - Second pick Dream Journey reeled in top favorite Buena Vista with a monster surge on the final straightway Sunday to win the Arima Kinen, the final Grade One race of the year in Japanese horse racing.