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Synonyms for straightness

(of hair) lack of a tendency to curl

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freedom from crooks or curves or bends or angles

having honest intentions


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a sexual attraction to (or sexual relations with) persons of the opposite sex

References in classic literature ?
Staggering after Magdalen, with the basket of keys in one hand and the candle in the other, old Mazey sorrowfully compared her figure with the straightness of the poplar, and her disposition with the crookedness of Sin, all the way across "Freeze-your-Bones," and all the way upstairs to her own door.
For Count Vogelstein was official, as I think you would have seen from the straightness of his back, the lustre of his light elegant spectacles, and something discreet and diplomatic in the curve of his moustache, which looked as if it might well contribute to the principal function, as cynics say, of the lips--the active concealment of thought.
According to the characteristics of road network structure, present studies have put forward indicators like "node degree", "average path length of network", "nodes", "node compactness", "closeness", "betweenness", "straightness", "aggregation index" ,etc (Jin, 2008; Zhao ,2014; Wang, 2011; Chen et al.,2013).
A linear displacement of the moving part along a specific axis involves deviations according to three directions: three translations (positioning and straightness errors) and three rotations (yaw, pitch, and roll).
New technology improves straightness and finish, while reducing cycle times.
Even in granite-like conditions the new Cat MD5150C Top Hammer Drill is out-performing down-the-hole rigs, according to the company, with its higher productivity and much lower fuel consumption--while achieving comparable hole straightness. Cat drill customer Iron Mountain Quarry, located south of St.
It refers to the cut straightness required if we are going to be gluing up boards with one another.
The NXA Ultimate laser-based shaft alignment tool comes with a complete software and hardware package for both shaft alignment and geometric measurements, such as flatness and straightness. Regardless of the situation, regular machine maintenance check-ups or installation of new machinery, the NXA Ultimate is said to handle it.
London, Oct 29 ( ANI ): The Leaning Tower of Pisa is continuing its steady return to "straightness" even after several "rescue" interventions.
The ploughing is judged on straightness, clean start and finish, level ploughing and completion of plot within allotted time.
* Geometric performance (straightness to [+ or -]0.4 pm; flatness to [+ or -]1 pm).
The MCS XY precision linear translation stage is designed for industrial metrology applications where extreme straightness of motion and high dynamics are essential, such as surface metrology, materials research, and topographical measurements in semiconductor test and inspection.
8 -- Pinpoint Laser Systems has introduced the Pinpoint Proline Alignment Kit, a visual laser system for checking and measuring straightness, flatness, squareness, parallelism, leveling, and many other tasks.
Executives said the straightening cell enables Richards to ensure customers' straightness specifications.
I have always dropped a 5.56mm straightness gage through all my M249 machine gun barrels to check that they're OK.