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Synonyms for straightness

(of hair) lack of a tendency to curl

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freedom from crooks or curves or bends or angles

having honest intentions


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a sexual attraction to (or sexual relations with) persons of the opposite sex

References in classic literature ?
For Count Vogelstein was official, as I think you would have seen from the straightness of his back, the lustre of his light elegant spectacles, and something discreet and diplomatic in the curve of his moustache, which looked as if it might well contribute to the principal function, as cynics say, of the lips--the active concealment of thought.
The face in the looking-glass was serious and intent, apparently occupied with other things besides the straightness of the parting which, however, was being driven as straight as a Roman road through the dark hair.
The sizes of roundness and straightness tolerances are of the micron scale, which is the same with that of the bearings clearance, so it is large enough to generate remarkable effects on working performance of bearings.
All shafts are equipped with BullDog aluminum nock collars, LAUNCH-PAD precision nocks and Blazer Vanes, and are laser-checked for straightness to .
The transportation accessibility was measured by some indexes, such as Betweenness, Closeness and Straightness on the road network.
New technology improves straightness and finish, while reducing cycle times.
SK 5344" With Slots (FOR Holding Honning Sticks)By Edm Ground Surface And Straightness Within 50 Microns, Honing Holder(for Arihant Honing Machines Saf-5372 & 5628) Confirming To Drg.
0025-inch straightness and +/- ,5-grain weight tolerance--and exhibits optimum shooting consistency.
Even in granite-like conditions the new Cat MD5150C Top Hammer Drill is out-performing down-the-hole rigs, according to the company, with its higher productivity and much lower fuel consumption--while achieving comparable hole straightness.
It refers to the cut straightness required if we are going to be gluing up boards with one another.
Laser alignment - as a market leader for accuracy and simplicity of use, its laser measurement product range now encompasses multi coupling shaft alignment, roll (parallel) measurement, flatness, straightness and dynamic measurement of machine movement.
The NXA Ultimate laser-based shaft alignment tool comes with a complete software and hardware package for both shaft alignment and geometric measurements, such as flatness and straightness.
Judges assess on straightness, clean start and finish, level ploughing and completion of plot within allotted time.
The -PLUS and -ULTRA options enable accuracies and straightness values down to [+ or -]400 nm and orthogonality down to 1 arc second.
The MCS XY precision linear translation stage is designed for industrial metrology applications where extreme straightness of motion and high dynamics are essential, such as surface metrology, materials research, and topographical measurements in semiconductor test and inspection.