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Synonyms for straightness

(of hair) lack of a tendency to curl

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freedom from crooks or curves or bends or angles

having honest intentions


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a sexual attraction to (or sexual relations with) persons of the opposite sex

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Tower Rock Quarry was very pleased with its higher production and lower operating cost--all while achieving similar hole straightness.
When straightness is greatly compromised as a result of a poorly done repair job, it can lead to accelerated wear.
True Nano applications, especially ones that need flatness and straightness of motion plus stiffness for machining and bonding applications will be better served with an ALIO Hybrid system.
The first common denominator of all attractive legs is their straightness.
And we have seen other M203s whose quick-disconnect bracket was so tight that the host weapon's barrel straightness gage couldn't pass through.
The servo stroking system allows auto-dwell in any part of the bore to automatically correct any straightness issues.
Executives said the straightening cell enables Richards to ensure customers' straightness specifications.
2 grains per inch and straightness tolerance is an impressive plus/minus .
It allows for quick and early identification of any defects, such as low or high spots, pin holes, straightness of a contour and swage lines.
Several accessories allow for alignment of straightness, runout, parallelism, squareness, bore alignment, shaft alignment, and flatness measuring.
This process allows for the optimum contour cutting speed while providing accurate wall straightness.
The material's toughness provides the tip with high dimensional stability and the ability to maintain straightness without becoming brittle.
Their topics include what straight teachers need to know about queer theory, the role of science, experiences of surviving straightness, creating queer carnival and aesthetic dimensions in the classroom, queering discourse and identity in education (including for those who are intermittently queer), getting dialog between scientism and the queer curriculum, and making homosexuality a pedagogical consideration.
Dimension measurements include angle, straightness, flatness and perpendicularity, profile, roundness and circular contours, surface texture, and screw thread gaging.
Because of its rigidity and straightness, mat-formed wood particleboard was selected as the corestock for the fine hardwood veneers.