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| Robert De Niro leads Zac Efron astray While the lad is a straightlaced lawyer about to marry the boss's daughter, his elderly relative is a foul-mouthed boozer intent on bedding a younger woman.
Luckily for me, when I enter the impressive looking building I see that the other clientele look fairly straightlaced in their attire as well, so I had worried needlessly.
The BBC film sees Julia Sawalha reprise her role as straightlaced Saffron Monsoon.
Reese Witherspoon plays a straightlaced policewoman who is plucked from humdrum duties to race across the land escorting a glamorous witness - Sofia Vergara - to testify against drug lord.
The wedding of straightlaced mama's boy Michael (Terrence J) and good-hearted single mom Candace (Regina Hall) is the occasion that brings this group of friends from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, where Mya (Meagan Good) is miffed to discover that her b.f., Zeke (Romany Malco), seems to have slept with every woman on the Strip.
We've made promotional videos in the past but they've been pretty straightlaced."
Whittier, CA, December 08, 2012 --( Straightlaced - How Gender's Got Us All Tied Up brings to the screen a powerful and complicated story of the world of teens, dealing with gender and sexuality.
While today's Haji Firuz is a comic figure, he derives from a more straightlaced tradition, according to Persian literature.
As the story spins out into an international drug smuggling drama rooted in a very Irish locality, Don Cheadle adds some Hollywood class as the straightlaced, fish-out-of-water FBI agent Wendell Everett.
The storyline is a new lease of life for Jo who has previously been seen as straightlaced and bossy.
Straightlaced begins by showing how teens want desperately to fit in with their peers and that teenagers' clothings especially defines who they are and whether they fit in within a specific group.
We'll be treated to the sight of the usually straightlaced Ray Quinn making his debut as a rapper and it's been promised that one of the names will be taking on the might of Lady Gaga.
In Manhattan, months after the merger, JLL's straightlaced environment began to grate against some Staubach brokers, who said they were accustomed to a more entrepreneurial office place.
But much of the Hollywood part is gratuitous to the Davidic vehicle for the novel, unless we decide that it is a substitute for the repressed sexuality of the straightlaced Don, with Johnny Fontane and Sonny and Fredo all as Davidic skirt-chasers, and many starlets as Bathsheba and David's several concubines.
11 The premiere of Straightlaced in Minneapolis (from left) Welcome Jerde, Laura Smidzik, director Debra Chasnoff and Deborah Talen