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a garment similar to a jacket that is used to bind the arms tightly against the body as a means of restraining a violent person


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I've had that straightjacket for two years and will have it for another 10.
1 - but the players might take longer to wriggle out of the Roy Hodgson straightjacket.
Greece hopes to obtain a relaxing of the austerity straightjacket it is bound by in exchange for a financial lifeline.
Hanging over Niagara Falls in a straightjacket is something you can do for a number of years, but it's strenuous.
Whether you've found yourself frustrated by the gender straightjacket that still constrains us, or fails to notice it, Fine's sparkling yet vehement attack on 'neurosexism' will be essential reading.
Their ability to get out from under that straightjacket I think is their biggest problem.
But again, when dates become a straightjacket, it can take you backwards.
I'm not going to say we're going to go to Anfield and win the game - I think I'd probably get taken away in a straightjacket - but the one thing we are going to do is go there and have a right good go," he said.
I would have suggested the men in the white coats come out and get a straightjacket on him," said Farmer, who took over the post during the summer following the departure of Bernie Cope and since then the Oval outfit have not looked back.
If this film isn't as good, it's partly because of the straightjacket nature of its structure.
TX GOP lawmakers push for free-market health care reforms; federal rules place a straightjacket on changes, Texas Watchdog
PM David Cameron said: "People will be able to look at millions of items of Government spending, flagging up waste when they see it, and that scrutiny will act as a powerful straightjacket on spending, saving us a lot of money.
This unique approach liberates network owners from the straightjacket of statically defined networks which deprived them of the choice to move to more effective network architectures.