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with firmness and conviction

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Straightforwardly structured pop music is always a tricky thing to pull off.
Neighbouring Alsace, in France, produces similar styles, but the grape also makes tremendous - and more straightforwardly labelled - wine in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada, where the flavours tend to be fruitier and more pronounced.
The realization that religion does not operate in straightforwardly logical fashion--and, therefore, that construing it as such actually misconstrues it--as not yet made a significant impact in contemporary academic philosophy.
A rock version of T Rex's Get It On is more straightforwardly glamorous.
Was that because he was just a straightforwardly decent kid, or was it because he rather liked having an adoring sidekick?
market (overnight) were straightforwardly reflected in Tokyo,'' said Masayoshi Okamoto, equity strategist at Jujiya Securities Co.
The CVM benchmarks also bear straightforwardly on the credibility of Sofia's and Bucharest's Schengen readiness," it says.
You must ask Turkey straightforwardly to join the EU, because an Islamic country is needed so the EU does not become a Christians-only club", he said.
Brilliant support for Apple devices -- ripping DVDs and straightforwardly transferring the files into devices like iPad/iPhone/iPod touch without losing video quality.
The straightforwardly named 3D-TV uses active shutter tech to make its pictures pop out and there's also a matching Blu-ray player on the way.
Her full title was announced as Baroness Newlove of Warrington in the county of Cheshire, but she will be known more straightforwardly as Baroness or Lady Newlove.
Complex ideas are explained straightforwardly while being sensitive to the reader's own personal and religious beliefs.
Things started straightforwardly enough with a chocolate mousse.
The only way to tell an unimaginably horrific story is straightforwardly.
88) is a fruity French blend of peachy viognier with straightforwardly grapey muscat, delivering a wine of considerable character for under a fiver.