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with firmness and conviction

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When I first began working with Aaron, he was not even close to being as straightforwardly honest with women about his short-term and long-term relationship desires and interests as he is now," said Currie, who has been a Book Author since 2006 and a Professional Dating Coach since 2007.
The intervening growth in passengers would be enough to fill Anfield, and the fact that Liverpool appears to have won substantial market share is straightforwardly beneficial to the local economy.
On the recent Syria chemical weapons attack, she said the US State Department has "straightforwardly accused Russia - as the country that protects 'the criminal regime' in Damascus".
sending the information of meter perusing straightforwardly
This would accelerate the power charging framework by sending the information of meter perusing straightforwardly to the server and producing an electronic power charge, which would also stop power theft, he added.
In the video, he straightforwardly and delightfully answers various questions from his fans, according to the company.
This first-person narration by a plain-spoken, straightforwardly masculine teen would be a good choice for reluctant male readers.--Walter Hogan.
On the off chance that you feel there an immediate copyright or trademark infringement that doesn't take after inside the "reasonable utilize" guidelines,please get in touch with us straightforwardly. READ MORE
By working closely with customers' field engineering personnel, we produce equipment and components that straightforwardly address real needs and enable operators to "Harden the Drop."
Like other artists of his generation (e.g., Roni Horn, Tom Burr), Miroslaw Balka reimagines the deadpan, impersonal, quasi-anthropomorphic geometry of Minimalism as an avatar of something more straightforwardly human, whether a prompt for poetic association, a metonym for the body, or a vessel of elegiac Beuysian allegory.
I hope the Labour party membership reelects him as he's straightforwardly executed the task they wanted him to do.
BEING a simple country lad, I am endlessly frustrated by the inability of anyone to straightforwardly explain this PS350m-a-week payment to the EU.
Some of it is straightforwardly chronological with pages dedicated to each year of the war.
The main text covers anatomy of the region straightforwardly and systematically, while insert boxes present the specific procedures for local nerve blocks.
With an easy-to-use button layout and a simple access to destinations from the list after startup, this device can be operated straightforwardly. The wide angle camera with zoom functions can be used for various scenes, displaying all participants in a conference or projecting documents at hand by using the arm like a document camera.