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a device for straightening

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Notebook says: 'The only thing I hate about straighteners is how long they take and these literally took half the time.
Tongs and straighteners are the heated hair-styling stalwarts today, of course, and it seems they've been getting hotter and hotter over the years, now reaching temperatures scorching enough to fry an egg.
Salona Professional 1" Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener has worldwide dual voltage of 110-240V for use in anywhere in the world.
The Electrical Safety Council has launched a campaign to highlight the dangers of hair straighteners for babies and young children.
Braun's Satin Hair Colour Straightener is designed specifically for women with coloured hair, allowing them to maintain the vibrancy of their hair by reducing colour fade by up to 70%.
Conair was the maker of the top- and bottom-rated models, while the CHI Ceramic GF-1001, $130, was the second-most-expensive straightener tested but did not rate anywhere near the top.
Also, important to the operation of these systems is the high-torque, AC brushless servo drive motor and rugged, heavy-duty construction that allows the use of the pull-thru straightener mounted at the feed entrance.
Walker, inventor of the first hair straightener for African-American women--on high living and subsidies to Renaissance writers and artists.
It is a common misunderstanding that increasing the distance between coil feed and straightener (a longer loop in the horizontal dimension) will provide a larger amount of slack material in the loop.
Incredible Discoveries[R], a leading DRTV and multi-channel marketing company, announced that it will produce a long form infomercial for a revolutionary new hair straightener from the Wahl Clipper Corporation.
SCARRED FOR LIFE THE most common location for SCARRED FOR LIFE THE most common location for a serious hair straightener burn is on the hand, but injuries have also been sustained to the head, arm and foot.
Hair straightener burns among children have doubled in recent years and two thirds of parents don't store appliances away safely.
99 Superdrug Leafy & Lovely Candle Set 11 PS34 Andrea Garland Mr Hoots Lip Balm PS4 Heal's Metallic Owl Lip Balm 12 best saving ghd Red Metallic Straighteners PS135 PS45 Nicky Clarke Desired Straightener at NextDirectory For where to buy, see p62
As part of the activities going on throughout the week, children's centres and health centres will be giving away hair straightener pouches to promote the importance of using hair straighteners safely.