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hand tool consisting of a flat rigid rectangular bar (metal or wood) that can be used to draw straight lines (or test their straightness)

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34) see Michael Atkinson, "The Civilizing of Resistance: Straightedge Tattooing", in Deviant Behavior: an Interdisciplinary Journal, No.
Hands-On Geometry: Constructions with a Straightedge and Compass is an educational resource for math teachers with students in grades 4-6, featuring challenging drawing projects meant to be completed with a simple straightedge and compass.
For a clean, professional cut, use a thin, sharp straightedge slicing knife, not a serrated cake knife.
THERE are two things I fear more than anything, dear readers: having my throat cut with a straightedge razor, and having to sit through a musical.
Next, using a straightedge and a spirit level, draw a line at this height on each wall.
The act presupposes at least that there was an accurate map of Greece to scale, with which one could, using a compass or straightedge, transfer the shadowed area from the north to the south.
The top edge of the C-Level is aligned with any straightedge object that is at least 15 yards away.
Now notice, by using a straightedge if necessary, how many of the letters are unambiguously identifiable from the top versus the bottom halves and "lower case" score better from their top halves.
Straightedge youth; complexity and contradictions of a subculture.
When he had finished unloading himself, the interrogated gave him a blow with the straightedge he used.
Authentic identities: Straightedge subculture, music and the Internet.
She is straightedge (no alcohol or drugs) and has no understanding of heavy metal music, but she is willing to listen and even to attend a raucous concert, which she hates.
To put up shelving you'll need a pipe and cable detector, a straightedge, a pencil, a spirit level, safety goggles, a power drill and a screwdriver.
A compass and a straightedge represent standard construction tools in geometry.
The tool list is quite straightforward too -a pipe and cable detector, a straightedge, a pencil, a spirit level, safety goggles, a power drill and a screwdriver.