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Synonyms for straightaway

Synonyms for straightaway

a straight segment of a roadway or racecourse


performed with little or no delay

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I'm not sure if this helped, but the second time I did the deep-to-shallow move on one of these reluctant fish, she ate, right at the top of the straightaway."
But it's short-lived and, once again, we are on our way, on another straightaway, and soon we come to the intersection with Bailey Hill Road and see the arrow pointing straight - toward Hinman Vineyards.
What is the name of the only straightaway east-west trail shown on this map?
Positioned on shelves so viewers could appreciate their silhouettes, the cups leaned as if in motion, their broad bases hugging the horizontal surfaces like cars on a straightaway. The flawless alteration and embellishment of elemental forms, along with the multicoated glazework, pin-striping, and sprayed-on effects all evoke the stylistic screams and screeches of chopped and lowered hot rods that define a West Coast aesthetic in car shows.
As on Laguna II, the traditional key is replaced by a card that is inserted into the reader by the driver, who then presses the start/stop button and sets off straightaway without giving a second thought to the handbrake.
As soon as they were seated, a message came from the reception desk that the Cardinal Archbishop of Toulouse had arrived unannounced with his secretary and would like to introduce himself straightaway.
"I knew straightaway that I wanted to be here," says Eleonora.
Photo: 1914 Mercedes leads into corkscrewcurves (above), while in the straightaway (left), dark-colored 1925 Ford edges past competitive 1914 Buick Bullet
"They've obviously had a change of coaching staff with (Newcastle native) Paul (Gustard) coming in, and you can see straightaway that their defensive stats are hugely different to that of last season."
In precedence to municipal law, if he had acted against the USA, Yadav would have been executed straightaway,
"Two seasons ago or even last season they told us it was always the case in his career, after a couple of sessions rolling up the sleeves and roll inside and 100mph straightaway.
A spokesperson for Northumbria Police said: "Officers are appealing for Steven to make contact with them, or anyone who recognises him to call police straightaway. Anyone with information is asked to contact Northumbria Police on 101."
Two years after a terrifying mishap in which he nearly died after overshooting the end-pit of the quarter-mile straightaway, Sarmiento timed 10.374 seconds in his Dettaglia machine to beat Allan Ararao (10.516) for the Quick 8 title.
"I know I'm not going to play there straightaway, it'll take time, but with some hard work and effort then I'm sure it can happen for me.