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Synonyms for straightaway

Synonyms for straightaway

a straight segment of a roadway or racecourse


performed with little or no delay

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It said the govt could straightaway withdraw the privilege giving a signal that everybody was equal .
The kiss happened at a moment where your relationship was a bit shaky anyway, and you realised straightaway that you'd made a massive mistake and also how much you like your boyfriend.
On the long straightaway, Paxton pulled alongside the race's leader, Mark, who so far had stayed just out of Paxton's reach.
He went on the wrong leg going into the first but changed straightaway.
Positioned on shelves so viewers could appreciate their silhouettes, the cups leaned as if in motion, their broad bases hugging the horizontal surfaces like cars on a straightaway.
His disability is not recognised straightaway, but the staff are amazingly tolerant and once I explain that he is autistic, they are very understanding and genuinely interested in the condition.
As on Laguna II, the traditional key is replaced by a card that is inserted into the reader by the driver, who then presses the start/stop button and sets off straightaway without giving a second thought to the handbrake.
As soon as they were seated, a message came from the reception desk that the Cardinal Archbishop of Toulouse had arrived unannounced with his secretary and would like to introduce himself straightaway.
Guerin said: "Providing Forest confirm their interest, I'll say yes straightaway.
My legs were still tied to the bungee but I knew straightaway I was having trouble breathing.
I knew straightaway that I wanted to be here," says Eleonora.
Left field" will be defined as the territory from straightaway center field (directly from home plate) to the left field foul pole (including the foul pole if ruled a home run).
If members of the public do have any concerns that the machine they are about to use could have been tampered with they should report it to the bank, store or police straightaway.
If it doesn't happen straightaway it doesn't happen straightaway but I am back in rugby for good now and hopefully I can play for another eight years.
He was working as a building site manager and handed in his notice straightaway.