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Synonyms for straightaway

Synonyms for straightaway

a straight segment of a roadway or racecourse


performed with little or no delay

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Many of them don't follow all the way through the turn; they anticipate where the lure's going, run wide in the turn, then contort their bodies and gain an angle on the bait as it proceeds into the next straightaway.
However, buyers need to be wary of offering above the asking price straightaway as a bit of bargaining could save them thousands of pounds.
He added: "If anyone sees someone acting suspiciously around a cash point they should report it to police straightaway.
It is a bold move for Khan, who turns 20 today, and he said: "I said yes straightaway.
Drew led off with a walk and Kent blasted a home run to straightaway center field on Fogg's first offering.
A third blue work really does persistently look like an abstract composition until you learn the title, at which point Road Trip, 2001, with its white triangle within a beige rectangle at the bottom, seems to show the quintessential schematic representation of a straightaway leading into the distance, the schoolbook illustration of perspective.
We were made aware he was available on loan and moved straightaway with no hesitation.
My legs were still tied to the bungee but I knew straightaway I was having trouble breathing.
Trading standards bosses promised to investigate the scam and said anyone receiving a letter should contact them straightaway.
Debate surrounds whether patients should receive regular follow-ups or be referred straightaway for a colposcopy to carry out a more detailed investigation.
Now when they apply for a permit online, residents who use a van, pickup or trailer will be able to print off their permit straightaway themselves rather than wait for one to arrive in the post.
KEVIN KEEGAN is in line to return to Manchester City's Carrington training ground for the first time in more than a fortnight today -and Claudio Reyna expects to see a difference straightaway.
The straightaway sections of Underpass ran parallel to the awkward trajectory of foot traffic beneath it and hung in a slope mimicking that of the Park Avenue overpass.
Thunder down the straightaway at Daytona International Speedway(R) alongside 42 other live drivers online as Voice Over IP talk mixes with the roar of V8 engines in surround sound.
Straightaway, I felt as though I'd made the biggest mistake of my life.