straight-line method of depreciation

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(accounting) a method of calculating depreciation by taking an equal amount of the asset's cost as an expense for each year of the asset's useful life

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The straight-line method of depreciation must be used for both categories of property.
Additionally higher depreciation costs were incurred as a result of the company's change to the straight-line method of depreciation.
Under both the allocation method and the simplified method, the taxpayer must switch to the straight-line method of depreciation in the first tax year that the straight-line method produces a larger depreciation allowance.
52 Weighted average shares for basic earnings per share 34,442,702 34,796,458 Adjusted weighted average shares for diluted earnings per share 34,799,790 36,265,600 EBITDA $ 21,678 $ 47,546 The cumulative effect of change in accounting reflects the Company's conversion from the straight-line method of depreciation to the units-of-production method on the Company's production machinery and equipment at cotton cellulose and airlaid nonwovens plants.
5 and 39 years for residential and nonresidential property, respectively), using the straight-line method of depreciation.