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having straight legs

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There are literally hundreds of ways to train the abdominal muscles, from the old-fashioned straight-legged sit-up (not recommended) to the use of specifically designed exercise equipment.
Read: No more straight-legged sit-ups and bouncing toe touches.
Boned: a trick performed with exceptional straight-legged style - a "boned out" trick looks straight and strong.
But many said the Navy uniform just didn't look right with straight-legged trousers.
If you're on the petite side, Jay suggests straight-legged jeans to elongate the body - you can also experiment with a variety of denim finishes.
Miss Sixty Mania straight-legged jeans, from pounds 65, have a distressed finish, while Miss Selfridge has embroidered pocket boot-cut jeans, pounds 30.
During rehabilitation, our players perform the following isolation movements: hip extensions, hip flexion, leg extensions, leg curls, adduction, manual hip abduction, bent-legged calf raises, and straight-legged calf raises.
Lee jeans, a favorite with full-figured women, has recently gone back to its archives to reintroduce its straight-legged Lee Dungarees, and Levi's has introduced the men's boot-cut jean for women.
RIGHT Jacket, pounds 130, and straight-legged trousers, pounds 70, both French Connection; silver scarf (worn as cummerbund), pounds 15, Cornelia James; sandals, pounds 70, Audley.
In basketball, a female has a tendency to land straight-legged and on one leg, as opposed to a lot of the male basketball players who have been taught to land on both legs,'' Schlegel said.
99, River Island; straight-legged trousers, pounds 34.
Any jumping we do, we come down straight-legged,'' he said.