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The incident comes despite efforts by the agency to restore its straight-laced reputation after a scandal involving prostitutes inCartagena,Colombia, in 2012.
Typically attributed as semi-conservative and straight-laced, Nancy Ajram has taken on new wardrobe territory this year.
She is also attracted to his best friend, the straight-laced Captain Gilbert Evans (Dan Stevens from ITV's Downtown Abbey) and despite choosing to marry one, she falls into the arms of the other.
ABC World News anchor Diane Sawyer, the normally straight-laced anchor, reportedly displayed unusual behaviour and rambled through her sentences, laughing and using exaggerated hand movements while speaking on the election.
Monday Lethal Weapon C5 10pm Mel Gibson plays a self-destructive cop in this action thriller, joining up with straight-laced partner Danny Glover to cause carnage in pursuit of a drug ring linked to a woman's apparent suicide.
Yes, amazingly the straight-laced Late Late Show host wants to present the Eurovision if it comes back to Ireland.
At fortysomething straight-laced Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) is living the dream--good job, nice house, great kids and marriage to his high school sweetheart.
Actor Ian Smith returns to Neighbours as straight-laced hero Harold Bishop 12 What's happened to Wales' millennium babies?
This is just the book to give your niece--if she's a quiet, neat, straight-laced girl.
Seal Press): Gringa follows Melissa Hart through her childhood as she's bounced back and forth between her free-spirited mother and her straight-laced suburban father.
1933 After taking some speed, straight-laced Carlton Banks hits the dance floor, Running Man-style.
He samples and analyzes some of the naughty books--no pictures--of people once thought to be straight-laced and proper to a fault.
9 Cherie Lunghi is a straight-laced matron in Casualty 1907.
Becali makes that other famous football chairman-cum-Shepherd, ex-Newcastle supremo Freddy, look positively straight-laced.
One story this week did just that, although if my straight-laced mum is looking down from heaven I'm in for a thunderbolt because she wouldn't have considered it at all amusing