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ABC World News anchor Diane Sawyer, the normally straight-laced anchor, reportedly displayed unusual behaviour and rambled through her sentences, laughing and using exaggerated hand movements while speaking on the election.
Monday Lethal Weapon C5 10pm Mel Gibson plays a self-destructive cop in this action thriller, joining up with straight-laced partner Danny Glover to cause carnage in pursuit of a drug ring linked to a woman's apparent suicide.
Yes, amazingly the straight-laced Late Late Show host wants to present the Eurovision if it comes back to Ireland.
My parents are both very right wing and straight-laced and have despaired of their rebellious daughter at times.
THIS action comedy centres on straight-laced law enforcer Allen Gamble who loves working at his desk, and maverick cop Terry Hoitz who''s just yearning for some action - and can''t stand Gamble.
At fortysomething straight-laced Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) is living the dream--good job, nice house, great kids and marriage to his high school sweetheart.
Actor Ian Smith returns to Neighbours as straight-laced hero Harold Bishop 12 What's happened to Wales' millennium babies?
The comic's style parodies straight-laced British comics and also sends up tabloid newspapers.
This is just the book to give your niece--if she's a quiet, neat, straight-laced girl.
Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show tells the story of straight-laced engaged couple Brad and Janet who get lost and become very much un-laced at the fantastically eerie castle of Sweet Transvestite, Frank n Furter.
1933 After taking some speed, straight-laced Carlton Banks hits the dance floor, Running Man-style.
He samples and analyzes some of the naughty books--no pictures--of people once thought to be straight-laced and proper to a fault.
Becali makes that other famous football chairman-cum-Shepherd, ex-Newcastle supremo Freddy, look positively straight-laced.
One story this week did just that, although if my straight-laced mum is looking down from heaven I'm in for a thunderbolt because she wouldn't have considered it at all amusing
Singapore last year reversed its decades-old ban on casino gambling, and said it would award licenses to operate a casino resort at Marina Bay and another on the resort island of Sentosa to boost tourism and help the city-state shed its straight-laced image.