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A given tree will produce a lot more straight-grained blanks than blanks with fancy figure.
Naturelle offers designers and specifiers a matte velvety-feel and meets the demand for a soft dry-wax look, adding that perfect touch to modern, straight-grained woodgrain laminates.
The stark white simple building, built with straight-grained old growth fir, is set amid farmland in the rolling hills between Creswell and Pleasant Hill.
Port Orford cedar was once the standard for wood arrow makers, but this lightweight, straight-grained wood is now in short supply so other woods have largely supplanted cedar.
It's done in Lancaster cherry, a very straight-grained cherry that almost looks like a mahogany," said Michael Franks, director of marketing services and strategic planning.
Others believe the name dates back to when the hard, straight-grained wood was cut into slender pins or pegs used to fasten the framework of buildings.
It's soft, straight-grained, matures with age and is cheap and easily found.
The secret to the recycling effort is that the poles are long, straight-grained, well-preserved Western red cedar.
Mahogany is straight-grained, reddish brown wood that is classified as durable and is resistant to fungus.
The wood on this particular rifle was fairly plain straight-grained walnut, oil-finished.
The wood is straight-grained, easy to work but is not considered to be resistant to decay.
Chestnut was strong, straight-grained and lighter than oak or maple.
In a standing tree that has straight-grained wood, the fibers will be oriented parallel to the long axis of the stem.
The good quality, straight-grained American black walnut is perfectly fitted and nicely matched between butt and forend.
The straight-grained, fine-textured wood is hard and strong.