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a serious facial expression giving no evidence of interest or amusement

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Further, Cameron and Osborne now straight-facedly say that the Labour government should have had stronger regulations in place for the financial sector.
The conclusion of Feeding on Dreams is, straight-facedly, "We are all in this together.
One also encounters amusing textual eccentricities: 'The idea of orgasm as heightened pleasure during sexual intercourse was prevalent even in classical cultures', reports the Jouissance contributor straight-facedly.
Sandwich creator Nigel Calmonson straight-facedly claimed: "As The Blues of Chelsea FC have been such a key factor to United's season, the sandwich would not be a true reflection of Manchester United's season without blue stilton being included".
When, in his Preface to the Dictionary, Johnson says that he has "omitted all words which have relation to proper names," the editors straight-facedly put him in his places: "There are rare exceptions to this rule: e.
What makes the irony of this last infelicity particularly delectable is that it comes a page after Higonnet has straight-facedly noted that "Like it or not, we are all now disciples of Michel Foucault, keenly aware of the ways in which cultural power is exercised"--especially "in relations between the sexes" (p.
Despite straight-facedly espousing such outrageous politically incorrect ideas as auctioning off election votes to the highest bidding corporation or demonstrating a gold lame suit with a giant inflatable phallus (sorry, Employee Visualisation Appendage) housing a LCD monitor as a means of controlling 'involuntarily imported labour' under the guise of legitimate WTO policies, no one batted an eyelid.
Don't think: Lipton is wonderful as he straight-facedly lists Tom Cruise's MTV Movie Awards and Blockbuster Entertainment Awards with precisely the same reverential gravitas as he does his Oscar nominations.