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hand tool consisting of a flat rigid rectangular bar (metal or wood) that can be used to draw straight lines (or test their straightness)

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In an effort to seek forgiveness, Jude travels to New York City to inform Teddy's brother, Johnny, a straight-edge punk rocker, about the death.
What's it like being a straight-edge band from Amsterdam?
1 CUT a square hole around the tear using a straight-edge and sharp utility knife.
They carve straight-edge shapes around each other, as if outlining auras.
a straight-edge cut at the base of her nearly severed right flipper.
The rules were that you could only use a straight-edge (something that would draw straight lines) and a compass (something that would draw circles) and you had to do it in a finite number of steps.
of Mississippi) takes the first close look at sXers, the straight-edge young whose commitments may include vegetarianism or veganism, environmental issues and social movements.
Back then I was sort of a know-it-all, straight-edge kid.
The source also said that it was almost certain that the death of one inmate, which the autopsy said was from ``asphyxia due to smothering and chest compression, contusions, abrasions and the six fractured ribs inflicted by a long straight-edge instrument like the end of an M-16 rifle,'' was most likely self-inflicted.
Consequently, all of these media reports were widely criticized by those within the straight-edge movement as biased, distorted and wrong.
On commercial flights, no one has had a problem with my two sub-3" straight-edge folding knives that accompany my SureFire 6P flashlight.
Just tightly clamp your straight-edge on the bottom of the stock and set it about 1/16 in.
Therefore, pi could not serve as a solution for any conceivable polynomial equation, and that meant that the problem of squaring the circle by straight-edge and compass in a finite number of steps (see 1837) was impossible.
Dirty Dawes is handling photo duties on this one, and it is rumored he and Freddy are taking it straight-edge (read: slamming O'Douls) to maximize the production.
Straight-edge became for some a religion even more brain-numbing and dogmatic than most others.