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Synonyms for straight-backed

having a straight back

Related Words

in a straight-backed manner


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A somewhat plainer imagination--say that of a Shaker lying in the grass on a summer night--could come up with the Big Dipper and, should the fancy strike, populate the heavens with curved scythes, straight-backed chairs, and oval button boxes.
The man who may well be America's greatest living gay writer is sitting in a straight-backed chair in his tiny apartment in Brooklyn Heights, N.
The buildings and the objects within them -- straight-backed chairs and the disparate contents of drawers -- comprise a biography, not of an individual but a way of life now lost and nearly forgotten.
Straight-backed and serene, the class follows Lekma's voice.
It was wrong,'' the president said, speaking in somber yet defiant tones from the same straight-backed chair from which, hours earlier, he had carried on a far more combative exchange with prosecutors.