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(American football) the act of warding off a tackler by holding the arm fully extended with the hand against the opponent

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Forget Muttiah Muralitharan, Shoaib Akhtar, Shoaib Malik and James Kirtley for the moment, but what about Glenn McGrath, Shaun Pollock, Allan Donald and many other bowlers who, to the naked eye, have classic straight-arm actions?
Prymer in the forehead with a straight-arm stun technique to redirect Mr.
Bath were reduced to 14 men when Catt was sent to the sinbin for 10 minutes for a straight-arm tackle on Corry.
For fast cycle times, the LB90 straight-arm loader features four-bar linkage and dual-bucket cylinders for increased break out force and improved dump height and reach over previous models.
As an adult, when departing from my dad's house to drive home to mine, I would instinctively reach to hug him but get a straight-arm handshake.
The SomaRad has a fully motorized, straight-arm stand specifically designed to meet the requirements of smaller facilities--allowing installation in radiographic rooms with as little as 8 feet of ceiling height clearance.
But he was condemned after a straight-arm salute to a right-wing section of the crowd.
Trying to bring down a speedy running back almost twice my size, I took a straight-arm to the face and retreated to the sidelines with the worst nosebleed of my entire life.
Arm capacity ranges from 10,000 lb for straight-arm designs to 6500 lb for offset arms.
Just minutes earlier, Samoan fly-half Tanner Vili was fortunate to see only a yellow when he pole-axed Cueto through a shocking straight-arm tackle.
The Samoan was red-carded for a blatant straight-arm tackle at the start of the second half against Rotherham.
Stimpson added the conversion and Bath's problems increased when Catt was yellow-carded for a straight-arm tackle on Corry.
One of the officers struck the arrestee in the head with a straight-arm technique "to redirect [his] head.
The affordable IMIX insight OrthoRAD features a straight-arm stand specifically designed for the orthopedic market.
Angry, in fact, when Andrei Poryvaev administered a straight-arm blow off the ball to halt a James Forrest run.