straight ticket

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a ballot cast by a voter who votes for all the candidates of one party

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The first is a dummy variable for whether the respondent voted for the DPP district candidate, the second a dummy for whether the respondent voted for the DPP party list, and the last whether the respondent casted a DPP straight ticket for the Legislative Yuan election.
The dominance of parties is exaggerated in states where straight ticket voting is an option, and judicial independence suffers.
Amazingly, I read about areas where thousands of people voted for every candidate except for president - Democrats in one community all voting a straight ticket, but leaving president blank!
That was probably the cause of the increase in error rate, which occurred primarily in those minority precincts where voters were more likely to vote a straight ticket.
The refund/exchange notice document serves two major purposes--to record straight ticket refund transactions and to record ticket exchange transactions.
There are also three heats of the latest Monkey Stayers over 592m where Benro Boy, Haslek and track specialist El Greeko are the suggestions, while Straight Ticket and Right Critic can take one-off 415m opens.
But Hardy still relies on Republican voters who vote straight ticket: "In my case, [Gov.] Greg Abbott is very popular.
MILLBURY - After hitting a small bump in the road on Saturday with a 5-3 loss to Millbury, the Auburn 15-year-old Senior League All-Star team got its quest for a third straight state title back on track with an 11-0, mercy-rule win over Millbury to clinch the District 5 championship and punch its third straight ticket to the state tournament.
5 Douglas 68-56 at home Saturday and earned their 28th straight ticket to the OSAA Class 3A girls basketball tournament.
The three heats of the Monkey Standard look good for Sahara Grand, Straight Ticket and the prolific Ceephil, while Westmead Tessa can take a one-off 592m open.
Prominent Texas Republicans are calling on supporters to vote straight ticket Republican all the way down to protect conservative judges from a wave of Democratic voters.
The tone set by Free Starers, tea partiers and their elected Speaker O'Brien reportedly led many voters to vote for a straight ticket of Democratic candidates for the
Many will vote a straight ticket and others know and support a friend.
Margo described himself as a fiscal conservative who's more liberal on social policies, adding that he's "never voted straight ticket in my entire life." He later said he was never in favor of the "bathroom bill" that would've put restrictions on which public bathrooms transgender Texans could use.
Smith also thought the state Senate probably would remain Democratic, although Republicans could win back the House" which was affected largely by straight ticket voting in 2006 and there is no straight ticket voting in 2008.