straight sinus

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an unpaired sinus of the dura mater

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Magnetic resonance black blood thrombus imaging suggested chronic thrombus in the straight sinus [Figure 1]h, the right transverse, and sigmoid sinuses [Figure 1]i.
[1] Because both thalami drain into the vein of Galen and straight sinus, bilateral thalamic involvement is frequently encountered in internal CVT.
Plain computed tomography (CT) [Figure 1] and CT venogram [Figure 2] were suggestive of straight sinus thrombosis.
The deep venous system includes the basal and internal cerebral veins, great cerebral vein (of Galen) and straight sinus, which drain the deep gray nuclei.
Caption: Figure 1: (a1, a2) Preterm neonate with severe perinatal depression born to mother with no prenatal care: the MRI and MRV images, respectively, show venous sinus thrombosis involving the entire right transverse and sigmoid sinus, most of the straight sinus, and the medial aspect of the left transverse sinus.
Venous sinus thrombosis affecting sigmoid and straight sinus was and resultant hemorrhagic venous infarct in left temporal lobe were seen in 2.9% cases.
Primary drainage is through ectatic internal cerebral veins, the vein of Galen, and, ultimately, the straight sinus (Figure 6).