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pin consisting of a short straight stiff piece of wire with a pointed end

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MATERIALS 2 yards crochet trim, 2" wide * Scissors * Needle * White thread * Straight pins * Blue thread
Push a straight pin into each lower corner of the frame, then clip off the heads so that 3/8 in.
The job was equivalent to "a person without fingernails trying to pick up a straight pin off a flat surface," says Ron Bingham, director and coordinator of training and safety with the Detroit-based firm, No.
The tips vary in length from less than an eighth of an inch to about a half inch and are about the diameter of a straight pin. These are the roots that account for the majority of the tree's surface area.
Secure the bobbin to a pincushion using a large-head straight pin for security.
This long screw has a threaded top screw with a long straight pin that pins the round rotary spindle collar into the frame.
Otherwise, try using a straight pin to press the hard reset button at the bottom of the controller.
You need: a plastic drinking straw, a pencil with eraser, an index card, straight pin, scissors, glue
11 Headless straight pin 13002206 1005-01-526-4779 PAFZZ B
Before carving, take the tip of your knife or a straight pin and lightly poke out an outline of the design.
The first item I found was a Christmas card, obviously very old, in which an embroidered linen handkerchief was folded and pinned with a rusted straight pin. The poem read, "One thing I'd have you know about these handkerchiefs I'm sending, That though in time they'll wear out, My friendship's never ending." It was signed, "To M.C.
Push a bead onto a straight pin, fold alternating sections of the square into the center (B), and stick the pin through all of the layers.
Use a straight pin to secure one end of the craft ribbon to the back of the wreath.