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pin consisting of a short straight stiff piece of wire with a pointed end

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MATERIALS Denim shorts * 2 yards crochet trim, 2 inches wide * Scissors * Needle * White thread * Straight pins * Blue thread
Fold a 1-inch-wide, 12-inch-long green ribbon in half and, with a straight pin, attach ribbon ends to the top of the ornament; secure with hot glue.
She found that the long straight pin, used to secure the veil around her head, was also useful in warding off her oppressors.
Push a straight pin into each lower corner of the frame, then clip off the heads so that 3/8 in.
The job was equivalent to "a person without fingernails trying to pick up a straight pin off a flat surface," says Ron Bingham, director and coordinator of training and safety with the Detroit-based firm, No.
The tips vary in length from less than an eighth of an inch to about a half inch and are about the diameter of a straight pin.
Conventionally, horizontal board-mount connectors employ a straight pin which is bent twice to produce a horizontal contact.
This long screw has a threaded top screw with a long straight pin that pins the round rotary spindle collar into the frame.
2 seconds left in the first period to earn six points and the Chargers' third straight pin.
You need: a plastic drinking straw, a pencil with eraser, an index card, straight pin, scissors, glue
11 Headless straight pin 13002206 1005-01-526-4779 PAFZZ B
Before carving, take the tip of your knife or a straight pin and lightly poke out an outline of the design.
The first item I found was a Christmas card, obviously very old, in which an embroidered linen handkerchief was folded and pinned with a rusted straight pin.
Push a bead onto a straight pin, fold alternating sections of the square into the center (B), and stick the pin through all of the layers.