straight man

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a performer who acts as stooge to a comedian

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My definitions of comedy and drama and straight man and all that stuff - they are blurry for me."
Still, with the homo-averse image of Ronald Reagan still representing the American male ideal, this alternate straight man remained ignored in the 1980's, or under suspicion for being gay himself.
At the end of the reading this straight man walked up to me and said that he could really relate to the story and it was all about his life too.
One day, as I was about to go to the Idaho State Fair with my friends, my mom told me about an article regarding a straight man who dropped everything in his life to fight for gay rights.
Buckle claimed the women were lesbians and the attack "a hate crime against a straight man".
We asked a gay man, a straight man and a straight girl to style Cabrera Athletic footballer John-Paul Jamieson, 25, of Edinburgh, who admits he usually wears 'scruffy jeans and a T-shirt'.
In Queer Eye, five gay men, each a practitioner of some lifestyle-enhancing profession--fashion, grooming, interior design, food, and entertainment--performs a "makeover" on a straight man, the slobbier the better, advising him on how to dress, groom himself, decorate his apartment, prepare a sophisticated meal, and handle some important life event, such as proposing to his girlfriend or taking her out dancing.
Ernie, the greatest straight man in comedy, died early yesterday from heart problems.
Ohno's son, Yoshito Ohno, generally plays the straight man - although he did impersonate a bizarre soccer-kicking maiden and a large-headed horse.
Weatiez is not the only young straight man posting such personal videos of himself on YouTube to the immense gratitude of gay men everywhere.
Can you imagine a white man running the NAACP or a straight man running an abortion clinic?
30 Days: The one where a straight man lives with a gay man and is educated on the gay lifestyle.