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an open chain of atoms with no side chains

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The ecological properties of branched chain hydrocarbons are far better and efficient than straight chain hydrocarbons, e.
The C2 binding site is not altered whether the sugar molecule is in a ring structure or straight chain.
Fuel analysis result indicate that produce fuel has short chain hydrocarbon to long chain hydrocarbon compounds with straight chain.
Key statement: A rubber composition comprising the following compound: R1--NH-phenyl-NH--R2 where the amino moieties occupy the 1 and 4 positions of the phenyl ring, and R1 and R2 are selected from the group consisting of H, C1 to C3 straight chain or branched alkyl groups, and wherein R1 and R2 may be the same or different; and where the t90 isothermal at 125[degrees]C is within 30% of the t90 after 28 days aging at 40[degrees]C as the unaged green rubber composition.
These fully saturated, straight chain hydrocarbon waxes are characterized by a high melt point and hardness.
Also, care should be taken that the cell's separator is a straight chain olefin, such as poly propylene; and even these polymers can be embrittled by a very high dose of radiation.
Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a straight chain non-sulphated glycosaminoglycan polymer of the extracellular matrix.
These resins are cited as having several beneficial properties as compared to their straight chain analogs.
Migration: Straight chain or branched, temperature, gauge and type of substrate determine the migration.
Long-Grain--This type, including the slightly softer textured, aromatic Basmati and Jasmine rices, contains large amounts of amylose, a long straight chain of starch.
In contrast, most wheat cultivars have about 76% amylopectin and 24% of the straight chain form of starch--amylose.
27] compound, which was confirmed by reduction to give the straight chain alkane, n-heptacosane.
The others are either liquid or solid at normal temperature and pressure, depending on the number and arrangement of the carbon atoms (which can link together as either a straight chain, a branched chain or a ring structure).
Jojoba oil is used in the cosmetic, medical, pharmaceutical, food, manufacturing and automotive industries, and includes a unique chemical structure with esters which are composed entirely of straight chain alcohols.
These organisms have similar DNA base compositions, ranging between 40 and 48 per cent G + C, and possess menaquinones, sphingolipids, and predominantly straight chain saturated, anteisomethyl and isomethyl branched long chain fatty acids.