straight away

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I was very pleased when he phoned me straight away, I was very pleased that he was very open about it, and it did not arouse any suspicion.
There was almost another Roughyeds try straight away, but a good challenge on Stephen Nield forced him to drop the ball.
This stirred Nunthorpe into action and they responded by going into the lead through a good strike, straight away they doubled their lead with another clinical finish.
We came back on the pitch not thinking, he missed the pass and he went straight away to score.
But this is the first one that went in straight away.
The switch from fasting to feasting straight away is not the right thing to do," says Dr Ravi Arora, Physician and Diabetologist at the NMC Specialty Hospital.
My waters broke while I was at the clinic, so I was admitted straight away.
I could see the raw talent straight away from him in Tenerife.
Inquiries are being carried out in an effort to trace the people responsible and ensure action is taken and I'd urge anyone with information to contact us straight away.
We were getting a tour of our university in Bolton and I was drawn to her straight away.
There are racing people who want to put racing on there straight away and are prepared to put the investment in.
It stood out straight away and I think the colours are just beautiful.
I stuck my hand up straight away and said 'please, just give me a chance'.
You have to be ready straight away because every team is incredibly strong.
We had to get into bed together pretty much straight away," Contactmusic quoted her as telling OK