straight away

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"I must say, again, I can't understand how you can expect anyone to tell you stories straight away, so," said Adelaida.
It will make fun, and I don't mind being a guy if I'm comfortable." With that Jo marched straight away and the rest followed, a bright little band of sisters, all looking their best in summer suits, with happy faces under the jaunty hatbrims.
The campaign urges parents and carers to turn straighteners straight off, and put them straight away. Parents can help protect their children from these burns by using a heat resistant bag andther partnership has a limited amount of these available for residents to pick up free of charge should they require their use.
Dundalk were on a real high after their penalty shootout win over Riga last week but didn't hang around afterwards as their charter flight home was leaving straight away.
"I would expect him to be fit enough to play straight away and train straight away."
He said: "With Walter's first meeting, that's something he created and had impact straight away with.
The first training session at Monaco I was going: 'What the f***?!' "As a football player you can see straight away. You recognise straight away and this guy he had something.
Sri Lanka's defence ministry initially said the curfew would be imposed overnight, but the police subsequently said it would go into effect straight away.
Do they begin with ruthless beatings and murder straight away? No.
MARCO SILVA says he "straight away" gave Everton a list of left-back targets after taking over as manager.
Some kids are better at maths than English, and the tests will help let parents and teachers It puts more pressure on teachers to get kids to a certain level straight away Marie Wright know what to target."
Bridge said: "Get at your full-back straight away and take them on.
"We put it outside straight away. We had to open a few windows and then I had to rush about trying to find some food for Christmas dinner."
"Fire started to catch on the pots outside the florists so I called the fire brigade straight away, but luckily it smouldered away.