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a frank and honest person

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These simultaneous narratives of outsider status are made strikingly apparent in two paratextual elements of the 1989 Vintage edition of Acosta's book: the introduction, written by Thompson, and the multiple drawings of cockroaches that randomly appear in the pages of the text first published by Straight Arrow Books.
To order your copy of this inspirational DVD, contact: Straight Arrow Productions, LLC, 2245 N.
On the other hand, he's such a straight arrow that when he finds a million dollars in illicit cash, he turns it in, rather than pocketing it.
The effort to establish a truly unique product begins with a commitment to develop and manufacture according to the highest standards, say executives at Straight Arrow Products Inc.
So we cannot any longer just say: "We know Jimmy Fortune is a straight arrow, therefore that defeat does not require discussion.
Aside from Timberlake's poorly-acted crusading journo, also ranged against them is Pulitzer-winning editor Morgan Freeman doing his familiar wise old black man routine (he's even named Moses) and Kevin Spacey in a bad wig paying the rent as the straight arrow police investigator, while LL Cool J's on hand as the new FRAT member with a conscience.
Lord is a straight arrow, conventional Yale-educated lawyer who loses her job after a run-in with Solomon in the courtroom.
It could be the sound of the church, like the Bay City Texas-based Jones Family Singers, who hit the stage at full gospel throttle and barely stopped to breathe in the course of a set that had everyone on their feet testifying even the horn-rimmed, straight arrow fortysomething in front of us doing a wondrously unself conscious imitation of a Steve Martin happy dance.
Freeh's aim was to draw a contrast between his straight arrow at the FBI and Bill Clinton's sleazy behavior over at the White House.
Quinn, whose ambitions include a possible future on the Supreme Court, has impressive credentials--West Point graduate, Vietnam veteran, stellar legal background--and a "reputation as a straight arrow.
Tough girl Lea Leander (Stanwyck) has been arrested for her third count of shoplifting and faces straight arrow prosecutor John Sargent (MacMurray).
An unproblematic straight arrow who bought into deconstruction, buffered from the sordid economics of the university, she struck me as a true believer who "inherited" a methodological pedigree, and money.
He was genial and hard working and a straight arrow.
But script is unusually straight arrow, with almost no cross-plotting except for a car crash on the landing strip just before the plane makes its final approach.