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a frank and honest person

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These simultaneous narratives of outsider status are made strikingly apparent in two paratextual elements of the 1989 Vintage edition of Acosta's book: the introduction, written by Thompson, and the multiple drawings of cockroaches that randomly appear in the pages of the text first published by Straight Arrow Books.
KEN, bless your perceived as a wonderful straight arrow, warm and compassionate man, and be a part of Liverpool F.needed to go out into the incognito on any Saturday just listen to some good constructive criticism from they are in their cups after particularly tough result, recall it''s the folks on the need to pay attention to Les Morris, Whilst writing on this subject I must say I am very disappointed at the lack of flags or messages of congratulations in shops and businesses and on public buildings.
But now we're talking the relatives of Trigger, Champion, Buttermilk, Thunder, Papoose, Silver, Scout and "the great horse, Fury" (Remember Straight Arrow?).
Innovators among smaller hair care suppliers include Straight Arrow Products Inc., the company behind Mane 'n Tail.
First make sure you are using a straight arrow. I cannot begin to tell you the number of hours I wasted trying to tune a slightly crooked arrow.
In the first chapter, "The Mohican Syndrome and Super 'Wannabes': Ain't Nothin Like the Real Thing," Sheyahshe shows how the "Cooperesque idea of a non-Native becoming a better 'Indian' than the real ones" infuses early comics such as White Indian (1949) and Straight Arrow (1950).
Abigail Jaye as love interest Emma Fairfax and Ako Mitchell as tribal leader Straight Arrow also give fabulous performances.
Peck, a Nickelodeon veteran, completely reinvents his teen-idol image while Kingsley is a laugh riot as a former straight arrow spiraling out of control.
While Gross's entrance into the financial planning foray has been mostly a straight arrow, Bogen's has been roundabout.
On the other hand, he's such a straight arrow that when he finds a million dollars in illicit cash, he turns it in, rather than pocketing it.
So we cannot any longer just say: "We know Jimmy Fortune is a straight arrow, therefore that defeat does not require discussion."
Aside from Timberlake's poorly-acted crusading journo, also ranged against them is Pulitzer-winning editor Morgan Freeman doing his familiar wise old black man routine (he's even named Moses) and Kevin Spacey in a bad wig paying the rent as the straight arrow police investigator, while LL Cool J's on hand as the new FRAT member with a conscience.
But he had been "a straight arrow" who knew what he wanted, recalled Dan Sanso, Scott's coach at Palm Beach Lakes High School.
Lord is a straight arrow, conventional Yale-educated lawyer who loses her job after a run-in with Solomon in the courtroom.
Freeh's aim was to draw a contrast between his straight arrow at the FBI and Bill Clinton's sleazy behavior over at the White House.